4.7 5 0 28 28 <ul> <li>Help to take care for sensitive teeth and gums</li> <li>Provide long lasting protection</li> <li>Strengthen teeth and fight decay</li> <li>Fight bad breath</li><ul>
Sensodyne Long Lasting Sensitivity Protection Mouthwash
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i really need a mouthwash, used everyday, anytime i want it. maybe this is it. a fully protected fresh breath and care for sensitive teeth and gums.
I love sensodyne products - they give me such a refreshing smell and really helps me with my sensitive teeth and gums.
I now using listerin and only use sensodyne toothpaste , will try next round to feel the difference.
I scared to use mouthwash product as the smell makes me want vomit. Not sure Sensodyne able help me to overcome this
I haven't try mouthwash with this famous toothpaste brand.. It should be very good in mouth washing
The best product!! Dengan SENSODYNE tiada masalah bau mulut dan masalah gigi sensitif dah tiada lagi.
i will try on this mouth wash because of its trusted brand. Will review very soon.
I not yet try this as i just know this product. My teeth was sensitive, i will b try soon...
I would like to give it a try because i do have very sensitive gum. My current mouthwash isn't giving me a good impact afterall. Hopefully this product can help to solve my gum problem.
I will recommend this product to other since it is value for money.
I always use listerine to rinse, hope this product will have better result for my sensitive gums and teeth
I would like to try on this mouthwash to see if this help on my bad breath. Sometimes I feel shy to talk because of this. Besides I also have sensitive teeth, it will bleed everytime I brush my teeth. Sensodyne toothpaste is helping me and I hope the mouthwash will too.
I will consider of buying this mouthwash because sometimes my teeth will become sensitive when eating something salty and quite sweet.

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