Seven Seas Multivitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil

4.5 5 0 491 491 Improve your child's overall health and immunity with Seven Seas Multivitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil. This multivitamin syrup provides 8 essential vitamins and DHA to help your child grow well and stay strong every day. It also comes in a yummy orange taste, even picky eaters will enjoy taking it without a fuss!
Seven Seas Multivitamin Syrup with Cod Liver Oil


My boy loves it! He likes the taste of it and did not reject at all, and always ask for more!
Good taste good for my child,my child very like it,thanks you very much
the taste was good easy gor kid to consume.. improve my kid immune system
Sirap vitamin ini membantu dalam memenuhi keperluan khasiat anak-anak saya. Bagi ibu bapa yang ingin mencuba vitamin kanak-kanak saya syorkan vitamin ini kerana rasanya yang mudah diterima kanak-kanak dan senang until dicampurkan kedalam minuman anak.
Excellent product.My kids just love seven seas cod liver oil. This one has the orange flavor and they love it. No fishy smell or taste for me. Will continue to use. highly recommended💖
My daughter loves the syrup very much because it has a great taste of orange. Although I know this product provides great benefits to kids, but trial for 6 days is not enough to see any difference in my daughter's health.
Taste great and immune system improved. Will continue this product
Saya sangat suka dengan sirap multivitamin seven seas saya dah mencuba untuk anak saya dan sirap seven seas sangan baik untuk anak saya saya akan recomend kepada kawan dan family
I have given seven seas of multivitamins to my nephews and I see a lot more appetite and very active. thank you seven seas multivitamin
Penyediaan yang mudah ketika ingin memberikan SIRAP MULTIVITAMIN SEVEN SEAS DENGAN MINYAK HATI IKAN KOD pada anak2....
Its good to be healtier life for kids and protect the kids from any dangerous viruses
Seven seas multivitamin syrup with cod liver oil is good for kids ! It smells good and taste good ! I definitely recommended this !
okay, but need to continues use it for every day. :)
My son always a picky eater so it would be really hard for me to get him to try new vitamin. But, when he tried the syrup, he love it as I told him that this can keep you strong!!
My son doesn't like the taste of this syrup. However, I believe the product is good, it just doesn't suit my son taste. Will still recommend to friends

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