SILKYGIRL EDP Duo Rollerball

4.9 5 0 16 16 Layer, Mix, Create your signature scent with this double-sided rollerball featuring 2 complimentary Eau de Parfums that you can layer and mix to suit your taste.
SILKYGIRL EDP Duo Rollerball


Amazing perfume
The smell is very long lasting and sweet, I used the pink one. One side smells so sweet and another side a bit spicy. But when it is combined I can smell both. Usually I just used 1 side. It is also travel friendly and can bring it anywhere recommended.
Wangian yang pelbagai
Perfume silkygirl ni mmg dah lama ada dari saya kanak-kanak. Sejak itu saya mula meminati wangian yang dikeluarkan oleh silkygirl kerana ia mempunyai bauan yang pelbagaii dan sesuai untuk semua peringkat usia!!! The truth is saya mmg dah lama stick to silkygirl punya perfume♥️
Saya sukakan produk dari silky girl memang sangat bagus . Minyak wangi yang tahan lama dan bau yang harum sesuai dibawa kemana mana sahaja
I want to try product silkygirl...silkygirl the best product
Great smell!
It’s definitely a very good idea to mix and create fragrances by using only one rollerball. I’d say the fragrance is kind of fresh and sweet, it’s more towards a casual fragrance on a daily basis instead of dinner. (You can always create your own scent by mixing it around) Very affordable price as well. Been using it for quite awhile, it lasts for few hours (for my case, 5 hours) and I think it’s fairly acceptable :) Really like it a lot
Like it
Create your signature scent, with this you can layer and mix to suit your taste.
Sweet scent
Has a very sweet scent . Very suitable for teens and kids

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