4.1 5 0 45 45 Hungry for something sweet and healthy to snack on? Try Snickers Oats bar now with a new delicious mixture of oats and peanuts combined with Snicker’s classic nougat that we all love. Grab it now.
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Still prefer the original
Am always a Snickers lover since I was in high school. The new oats flavor is just so so for me. I still prefer the original taste of the old time Snickers as the oat not really match the taste of it. Overall is not bad, just not my taste.
Tak sedap sebab mungkin banyak kacang dan oat.oat bagi rasa yang pahit, pada saya
Love it.
I always love Snickers ever since my studies years (which is quite a long time ago). Always have them prepared in my bags or in office.
I like to eat snickers when I feel stress. Snickers oats is not sweet compare to the original flavour. And it's is more healthy. I like it so much.
Satisfy your hunger
A good substitute to heavy meal when you feel hunger but don’t have enough time to buy food.
Double the pleasure ,satisfy your hunger !
i love everything that comes in fun size ! and also guilt free as it have oats in it ! double the pleasure ,satisfy your hunger !
Snickers Oats
Not too sweet like a normal snickers. Taste good and nice with combination of oats.
Snack to recharge your energy
Tried several times Not as sweet as ordinary snicker.tasty good combination oat and chocolate..yummy. Highly Recommended to replenish your energy
Not bad
Not bad, quite tasty, it is an interesting combination of oat and chocolate, but not as good as the peanut one.
On the go snacks
I do day hike weekly and this is one of snacks I've tried. Great way to replenish energy!
Same but different
It's not as sweet as the original Snickers, with the same chewy + occasional crunchy taste. Recommended if you're into that.
Knack for snack!
I love chocolates and would try any combination to experience different flavors. So this is a must try! Snickers bar and oats are a very good and tasty combination. One is not enough! Perfect for snacking.
Lapar? Jangan risau Snickers Oats ada
Penyelamat saya ketika lapar di lapangan terbang apabila penerbangan balik BKI-KUL mengalami kelewatan..saiz nya yang kecil sangat mudah untuk dibawa..tidak terlalu manis dan sangat sedap! oat pula sgt membantu ketika lapar.Terima kasih Snickers
give me energy
i try it when i was super hungry..snicker oat give me energy while i was shaking due to hungry..i will try it again..beside it has oat.
Percubaan yang sangat baik. Tapi saya lg gemar perasa original. Buat penggemar oat, memang patut mencuba

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