4.5 5 0 61 61 Give your skin a little pampering treat. Packed with 100% natural extracts, this face scrubs evens out skin tone so that you have a smooth and glowing skin.
ST. IVES Even & Bright Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub
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St ives scrub
I love the scrub as i dont feel it is too harsh on my skin but just nice ans comfortable with the scrub beads. It doesnt make my skin feels very tight at all but just nice for me !
Salah satu skrub muka terbaik
skrub yang halus sesuai untuk pembersihan yg berkesan terutamanya bagi bintik hitam atau putih bagi mengelakkan rengsa kulit.wangian yang lembut sitrus menenangkan. boleh improve dr segi packaging kerana cpat keras kalau tidak ditutup kemas.
Scrub paling ohse..
Harga yang berbaloi.. scrub yang sangat sesuai untuk menangggalkan whitehead & blackhead.. kulit rasa lembut bila lps scrub. I love it 💓💓
Trusted brand
I’ve been using St Ives for years and I love my skin after a good cleanse. My face feels exfoliated leaving only clean skin behind. Love the citrus scent
Work wonders
Easy to purchase this product . The price is quite reasonable
good skincare product
small beads and smell so nice.very good product will not leave your skin feel tight or dry.
Scrub yang lembut untuk kulit
Saya dah menggunakannya, sangat lembut untuk digunakan setiap hari kerana dapat menanggalkan whitehead dan blackhead. Kulit terasa licin dan baru.
Nice Skin Product
Saya suka memakai scrub ini, bagus untuk menanggalkan kulit mati die muka. saya menggunakan nya 2 kali seminggu. selepas menggunakan kulit meka terasa lembab and smooth
the beads not too big i think is abit softer than all range of st. ives scrubs. okey la if want to try
Terkejut manja
Mula² pakai wow lembut je lepas basuh wangi pejam² mata bila scrub muka menikmati bau yg wangi really love it..sweet shock gituu 😘😘
看到Instagram 的朋友推荐这产品,就那么刚好看到WatsonS 有做promotion 就买来try try 看。不错,味道也很清新。我喜欢!
Good product
i use this scrub product almost 10 month, ang my skin suit with skin. My skin feel fresh, free from oil, free from acne, free from open pores.
i’ve try once when i was at my cousin’s house 😂 tbh i really like it but till now i haven’t bought it yet
Soft skin
It not only scrubs and removes dead cell. It also gives a nice complexion and brightening effect once used
So so
Compare to the apricot, this one more softer and not harsh on skin but i really like the apricot one because of the smell. It smell so good but this one didn't. And it claim to make you skin glow but idk i don't see any improvement but so far no bad side effect so it's okey.

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