Starbucks® Holiday Blend® Medium Roast Ground Coffee

4.8 5 0 29 29 Crafted special for the holidays, Starbucks® Holiday Blend combines sweet and layered seasonal blend of medium roast coffee with herbal and sweet maple notes. Savour your Christmas favourites with friends and family at home
Starbucks® Holiday Blend® Medium Roast Ground Coffee


Ive tried this product and its really good and delicious . and ive bought it 3 times . i hope i can try it again soon !
Honestly one of Stabuck's best blends
I love this holiday blend so much~ Great with almond milk and a dash of cow milk but a bit too earthy to drink plain. When made in correctly it tastes similar to an in-store Asian Dolce latte! I immediately ordered another 4 bags because it's a seasonal blend. Cant wait for Xmas to roll around to get my hands on this again.
Starbucks Christmas collection
The taste a little bit weird but as frequently consume the taste getting better.
Aroma coffee
Coffee ini memang pilihan keluarga saya. Coffee ini yang terbaik pernah kami minum .Terima Kasih
I love the flavour of this coffee! It is smooth in my opinion and one of my favourite Starbucks coffee flavour. I wish they sold it all year round!
Love me some coffee
I love coffee in general. The aroma in the morning and my senses are pleased. The holiday blend just puts me in a giddy mood and I’m good to go for the day.
I love it !
This coffee is the best blend ever!!! My husband and I tried it and wow! The flavor is amazingly good. We love it.
i used to get drinks from starbucks and yet i haven't try this yet
Coffee is my life, every day one cup for taste ,good
I am a coffee lover.. I would love to try this and went to few places like parkson and starbuck to buy this .. unfortunately sold out must of the time
Starbucks always be Malaysian favourite so i must try this new Sweet medium roast coffee
I’m a coffee lover...really hope i will be selected to review this product😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
i love the flavour of this coffee! my favourite Starbucks coffee.thank you to home tester club try.
Hope that can be try this out😍 (I'm a coffee lover)

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