Strepsils Warm

4.8 5 0 19 19 <p>Strepsils Warm has been developed as the first warming lozenge that gives the comfort of a hot drink. It provides significant relief from throat soreness for up to 2 hours.</p>
Strepsils Warm


Strepsils is one of my favourite brand for sure ! One lozenge is enough to sooth and cure my throat pain, loves it so much !
Good to sore throat. A great innovation and great taste.
STREPSILS WARM sesuai untuk sakit tekak., rasa yang sedap
Strepsil is my first choice lozenges. My throat pain and this really help. Even my family members always love to choice this.
Bila batuk2 @ gatal2 tekak memang akan cari strepsils ni. Memang melegakan.
Tried this strepsils warm last week when i had sore throat and ulcers on my throat.. Really feel relief and soothing...
It's really help when my throat is very itchy. But the taste quite spicy for me.
I underwent a surgery 2 weeks ago removing the ovarian cyst. After the surgery, I felt the urge to cough and coughing is definitely painful especially at the abdomen. I was given strepsils warm and my cough subside and very soothing to my throat. I had it by my bedside and it gives me the assurance that it will help to soothe my throat. Luv this product !!
Many times better than having a real hot drink. Furthermore, it gives relief for sore throat for at least 2 hours and also easy to carry for those on the go.
This not working for my throat soreness at all but the taste irrestible to resist .
Pilihan utama keluarga saya bila diserang perit tekak. Kelegaan yang nyaman bila strepsils berada di dalam mulut!!
always used strepsil products if i have sore throats
My first choice of remedy for sore throat.Nothing soothes sore throat than strepstils.

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