SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence (New UV Technology)

4.6 5 0 21 21 Long-term exposure to harmful UV rays can damage our skin. With the help of SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence, prevent your skin from the harmful effect of the sun to maintain youthful looking skin. Not your typical sunblock, this beneficial sunblock contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and many more skin care properties.
SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence (New UV Technology)


The bestt
Water base sunscreen kept you protected & hydrated skin without oily & sticky felt like others. Just use it like you not using any sunscreen.
my bestie
Where has this been my whole life?! This sunscreen is so good on my sensitive and dry skin but at the same time is not sticky at all. It is perfect for our humid weather in Malaysia. Also, no white cast! This is my new fave sunscreen!
Must have item
Untuk kulit muka combination dan sensetif (based on weather) macam saya, memang Sunplay tutup gold ni penyelamat saya.. habis je mesti beli lagi.. Sunscreen ni senang meresap lagi² ditempat yang ada menggelupas, tak tinggalkan white cast, tak berminyak walaupun berpeluh. Kalau gunakan kat kulit badan pun elok je dari untuk elak sunburn. Yang penting sunscreen ni tak buat kulit badan naik ruam atau iritasi lepas penggunaannya. Bau pun ok..
Best sunscreen for Body
I never put it on my face since it contained alcohol. But also because of this it's not sticky. I always use this on my body as it's quite hydrating as well. It doesn't leave any white cast or sticky feeling afterwards. I always repurchase it for body
Lightweight sunscreen
The watery gel type of sunscreen suitable on my combination skin. It is fast absorbing and not feel sticky after each application. Really like its lightweight texture, which do not clog pores.
For Oily Skin
Love it, great for acne-proned skin. Besides, have high SPF to protect from skin-damaged, causes by overexposure to the Sun
I love it because its keep my skin moist, did not sting and dry up my skin.
Good for my skin
After I changed to this Aqua type, my skin improved a lot even after sunburn damaged. This product help me healed the sunburned and it don’t make your skin oily. Recommended to try!!
Water base sunscreen
Water base sunscreen kept you protected & hydrated skin without oily & sticky felt like others. Just use it like you not using any sunscreen.
Love it! its my favourite sunscreen ever!
i love the textures! its doesn't sticky at all. a lightweight textures that make you feel comfortable to put make up on it. i used it as a base make up honestly because the textures is similar as a primer. very recommended
Affordable Sunscreen for Oily Skin
I can't really remember I've used how many bottles of this since 2014. It's lightweight and doesn't leave any sticky residue. It has a high SPF value (SPF50) but it doesn't clogs my pores like other brands' similar products.
it is very lightweight feels like u're not wearing anything on your skin
Lightweight Broadspectrum Sunscreen
I love how wonderful this sunblock is. It is broadspectrum that doesn't leave white cast behind. A lightweight more towards milky texture that makes it easy to glide onto my skin. Doesn't leave tackiness behind and it makes a good make up primer too. No strong alcohol scent and if you prep your skin correctly, your make up will stays longer too. Repurchase!
Maintain moisture sunblock
The sunblock which help to maintain your face moisture, like the texture which feel not oily after applied it on face but face feel not dry at all
Protecting my skin well
Absorb well into my skin. Tak melekit. Harga yg berpatutan dgn kualiti

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