5 5 0 3 3 Want your skin to appear in good condition? Remember to keep it moisturised with Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft Dewy Moist. Formulated with its Tri-Flower essence from Jeju Island, you can now improve the appearance of your skin and leave behind a dewy glowing effect almost effortlessly.
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Hydra soft from syahirah
Mmg best uolls pakai ni..i dulu time muka breakout..dsri product timbang kilo..i pakai ni..amek masa sbln..muka dah ok dah..tiada lagi rasa pedih2 kt skin..tiada lg jerawat..mana yg tgh nk rawat skin..elok pakai #Hydra soft from syahirah ni..
Soft and nice saint
Saint natural and feeling refreshing on the skin and affordable price
must try
1. Improves appearance of skin – skin appears more plump and supple. It also helps to address surface dullness 2. Leaving dewy glowing effect on skin 3. Helps to reduce skin problem when skin is well hydrated Slow down signs of aging – helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity and combats appearance of those dreaded fine lines/ wrinkles

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