4.3 5 0 54 54 <p> Superior, gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth & gums with elevated inner bristles and extra soft outer-bristles </p>
Systema Sensitive 0.02mm
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Systema is the best toothbrush amond other, its brush head design suit to brush the deepest teeth to make it clean and fresh!
I have not tried this sensitive toothbrush yet, but other than this, I have tried all other systema toothbrush, and I love them
I never try this product before. I'm having sensitive teeth and it easily to get bleeding. I hope this product can solve my problem.
is it really so good? Hope to try it by myself.. the toothbrush that Im using now is quite good, but I want to get the best toothbrush for my family members.
Just been hearing about this excellent new product. Looking forward to trying because i have sensitive tooth and gums.
I have sensitive teeth and gum therefore I'm very concern on my tooth brush and tooth paste as well . I'm now have just tried on sensodyne brand of tooth brush but I hope I can get for a better brush for my sensitive gum and teeth .
just saw this product on tv. looking forward to try this verison of toothbrush
Try before, I really like it. Very good to use. Will recommend to everyone
just tengok dalam iklan. dont know how far it will works. hope i can try this so.
I'm currently using O-ral B, would like to give Systema a try!
mmm...every one is telling 0.02......what is the dif between other brand???
Never get to try this product. But am using Systema toothpaste. Very good product. If can try this product will be better match for my toothpaste.
I doubt that what could Systema sensitive 0.02mm will do for my gum and tooth, willing to have a try.
I have tried it and am satisfied since it is sensitive to my teeth and gums. Furthermore more it is Japan's No.1 toothbrush
I love this because each time i brush my teeth, i felt more clean and fresh compared to other brand.

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