Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake

3.9 5 0 29 29 The first-ever Bubble Tea Mooncake by Tealive is here to bring joy to your Mid-Autumn Festival! Specially baked for milk tea lovers, Tealive's bubble tea mooncake reveals an irresistible surprise when you slice it.
Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake


tealive sedap.. setiap bulan i will buy it.. cuma boba nya terlalu banyak..jika dapat kurangkan lagi sedap.. apa pon tealive tetap di hati☺️☺️
Tastes quite ok but a bit sweet.. boba not really chewy.. but it's unique & different from normal mooncake.
Worth try?
Actually not worth your money to buy this mooncake. With little boba and pastry/cake is too sweet, definitely not gonna buy this one again. Just one time thing. You know, this one viral and I try because of my curiosity and it's not worth it. Packaging? So nice. Taste not really like it.
Bubble mooncake
Buy it due to curiosity. Wouldn't say I like it.. the bubble isn't as soft and the mooncake is abit too sweet
sedap dan menarik
tealive lain dari yang lain. Menggeluarkan produk yang menepati citarasa pengguna. Harga pun boleh tahan.. saya bagi 8/10 bintang.
Kurang manis
Boleh tahan rasanya kurang manis, rasa yang sangat unik dari mooncake tradisional.
New and conceptual but undeniably disappointing
Bought this on a discount when the moon cake festival was coming to an end. The packaging was 9/10 but unfortunately the taste did not live up to it’s expectations. It was too sweet and lacked flavour, tasted almost like clay (according to my friends). There were only so little boba in the mooncakes. I wouldn’t recommend this but if you’re buying it for the hype I’d recommend you try it.
Worth a try
Tastes ok overall, probably not the best but still worth a try. Would definitely recommend this if you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary
recommend to boba lover, 7.5/10, for me it is a bit sweet and love chewiness of the boba. its hard to find at tealive store, always sold out.
Tealive mooncake
It tastes okay and it is a new innovative products. Its great to try it but it may not suit you if you are not a fan of pearl milk tea flavour.
Tralive suka keluarkan produk yang unik dan menarik. moon cake ni mmg sdp,kurg mnis.sy suka
Not sweet but lack of WOW feel
Overall is taste good, not too sweet. But the bubbles inside the mooncake is too little and not really chewed already melted in the mouth. Should put more bubbles and more chewable texture would be nicer.
Unique and tasty
If you're looking for a unique mooncake flavour, try out the Tealive Bubble Tea Mooncake. You will still get the classic mooncake skin except instead of fillings such as Lotus or Red Bean paste, you’ll get brown sugar lava oozing out!
Milky Tea Smooth Moon Cake
This moon cake can be slightly sweet for some people. There are bubble tea in the centre of the moon cake. The taste of milk tea is quite obvious. Highly recommended for milk tea lovers.
A little bit weird for me due the picture not attractive to show how delicious it is

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