Twisties Kaya Butter Toast

4.5 5 0 10 10 Twisties Kaya Butter Toast gives snack lovers a unique familiar taste on their journey of non-stop crunching fun. The sweet buttery flavoured corn snack would melt in your mouth.
Twisties Kaya Butter Toast


Bila pertama kali tengok perisa Kaya Butter Toast macam pelik jugaklah.Tapi lepas dah cuba sekali memang nak lagi.So memang snek kegemaran kami sekeluarga.Korang cubalah..Memang tak akan rugi sebab SEDAP..
Mule-mule try makan rasa pelik, tapi lepas tu rasa sedap pula..boleh la beli lagi buat makan kudapan petang
Surprisingly good
I was curious when I saw the pack as kaya butter is not a common flavour for these kind of snacks. I was so happy that I gave it a try as it is such a good flavour + texture combination. It tasted more like caramel instead of kaya but still very delicious!
Delicious taste
I tried these the other day and was very surprised with how Much flavour they have and I would Highly recommended them to anyone to try
Im impressed at the taste! Really good and addictive haha
Not My Cup Of Tea
My husband bought this snack during raya. At first I was really excited to try it, however after tasting it, I feel like it is kind of weird tasting snack. It was not bad but it is not that good either. Overall, what I can said about this snack is that it is a new flavour and it doesn't suit me.
buttery twisties
For me, it is more like a buttery sweet like popcorn taste. But still it taste good.
I bought this flavour a few days ago and it taste really good. I finished it in no time. Definitely will buy it again next time.
I bought two of this just in case the first one doesnt gives me good impression. Suprisingly, it has the taste of Kaya and Butter but not 100% similar. TBH this new flavour very addictive for some reason. Go and try it!
Better than expected
I bought it out of curiosity and didn’t had a high expectations because we’re all used to savoury flavoured ones but actually I liked it more than I expected to. It really tasted like how it’s advertised.

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