TYSON Crispy Chicken Strips

4 5 0 7 7 Prepare your meals quickly and healthily with Tyson® crispy chicken strips – now even crispier! Made from chicken raised with neither antibiotics nor preservatives; with the healthiest part of chicken.
TYSON Crispy Chicken Strips


Just ok
Taste wise ok. Not too dry if follow the instructions. From freezer straight to air fryer. But kinda overpriced for just few pcs of chicken strip.
From Freezer to fryer Taste not so bad A bit overpriced
Tasty yet healthy
Isi ayam yang mewah namun bagi saya agak mahal dengan kuantitinya. Dari segi kualiti, memang sedap dan rempah/ perapannya lain daripada jenama lain.
Tasty actual chicken strips
These are tasty and are real chicken strips. Not those blended chicken meat fingers. From freezer to air fryer. Less oil. A bit on the pricier side but is my current to go for quick fix meal.
Afternoon snacks
This is the first time I bought this product. The ingredients inside are in small junks of chicken meat where u are able to feel the chicken pieces and the seasonings are just right. No doubt the price is abit expensive, but it's worth it.
Delicious Chicken
I really like the taste of the chicken strips. However, I think it is a bit expensive considering that the strips are small and has only 6 pcs per pack. It is really easy to prepare because I don't even need to thaw it before cooking but I think there are other much cheaper options out there. But if you have the extra money to spend on, do give this chicken strips a try. It taste good, just a bit overpriced.

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