Vaseline Expert Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue

4.8 5 0 55 55 This advanced moisturising formula combines the power of glycerin, pro-lips and Vaseline® Jelly to provide immediate relief and lasting moisturization. This Therapy Cream delivers expert strength moisturization to deeply hydrates and repair extremely dry skin in 2 hours.
Vaseline Expert Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue


Extremely Dry Skin
Have bought many times for my 8 year old boy. He have extremely dry skin and this product works wonder! Had been try others product too but this is the best so far.
good product
Vaseline Expert Care Extremely Dry Skin Rescue sangat baik untuk kulit kering. saya selalu sapu di kawasan kaki dan betis sebab kering sangat seperti bersisik. sapu setiap pagi sangat membantu lembutkan kulit
Perfect Lotion
Perfect lotion to rescue the skin and the best brand ever.
Intensive care moisture lotion
I love this lotion a lot because I have very dry skin and this lotion has helped. The texture of the lotion may be a little sticky, but after applying it you can feel the smoothness of your skin. Keep applying it a few times and your skin will stay moist and supple.
love the texture!
i have a very very dry skin especially when im under aircond. but this lotion keep my skin hydrate. i love it so much. but still sometimes the lotion is hard to wash off when im at shower.
Recommended for Pregnant women to prevent strech mark
I love this product soo much! I’m using it during my pregnancy because my skin getting dried & itchy esp at my tummy area. So many lotion i’ve tried but this one is the bomb! My skin getting so moist after first application. So it doesn’t feel itchy anymore.
Super moisture lotion
Vaseline extreme dry skin perfection product that is used to soother super dry skin. It is contains an exclusive blend of key ingredients formulated to help improve the super dry skin.
Suit for super dry skin.
THis Vaseline lotion is suitable for very dry skin, It delivers soft moisture and long lasting nourishment. it instantly soothing the dryness and redness of the skin, it is a good lotion.
Super moisture lotion
This lotion is super moisture, it helps to repair the super dry skin, it makes my skin appears softer, smoother, more soothed & comfortable. It is free of parabens and suit to sensitive skin.
Expert care
When i first try it,the effect was amazing,you can feel the cooling sensation in skin.I can feel my dry skin slowly disappear everytime i used it.I really recommend this product.
Holy grail!
I have eczema and this body lotion helps me to combat the itchiness! Tips for soft feet: before bedtime, put this on your feet and wear socks. Your feet will be soft like baby skin.
Sy pengguna setia vaseline
saya memang dah lama pakai produk ini.. kulit yang kasar akan menjadi lembut. kulit kering pakai jadi lembab dan mana kulit rosak akan cepat ganti kulit yang baru.. saya akan pakai produk ni sampai bila-bila
Good for super dry skin
I got this for my brother who has very dry skin. After a while of using it his hands have healed up great! if you have tried many many different lotions or creams but none have worked, then give this a try.
Great product for dry skin!
Have been using this for sometime now and this works really great on my skin because it absorbs into it really fast (maybe because i have dry skin) and does not feel too sticky after applying. Good value for money.
I love this lotion
Im dry skin before i use this product then after i take this my skin better

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