3.8 5 0 30 30 <p>Enjoy the unique, ambient yoghurt-flavoured drink that's tapped from the Japanese heritage.</p> <p>Yobick’s main ingredients are water, sugar, skim milk powder, non-dairy creamer, contains acidity regulator, soybean polysaccharide and flavouring. It contains pasteurised yoghurt powder (whey, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus Bulgaricus), honey and inulin as well as colour (E150a).</p>
Yobick Yogurt Flavoured
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Yogurt Drink
I tested Sakura type and the smell is pleasant. The yogurt drink is quite delicious but the price is expensive compared with its size. The improvement can be done is increase the volume per bottle and sure more people will purchase it😍
Bought it during promotion. Like the taste of it. Try passion fruit & sakura.
So so
It is sweet drink for me and the price is also on the high side for the small bottle.the overall taste is good but just not for me.
Yogurt Drink
This yogurt drink is rich and taste good. Moreover it does not taste too sweet however price is slightly on the high side.
Taste very light with a hint of sakura scent. Taste diluted compare with other similar drink.
Pertama kali cuba saya dah jatuh cinta. Korang patut rasa sendiri.sedap.. manisnya pun berasaskan madu je dan tanpa gula.
Yobick Good For Digestion
Yobick yoghurt drink is true to its Japanese heritage. Good for digestion and constipation. Tasty, delicious and very healthy!
Yobick yogurt
Rasa yobick yogurt ni boleh tahan sedap, cuma terlalu manis, kalau kurang kan rasa manis tu sikit baru ok kot, tapi kira ok lah juga..
Yobick Yogurt Flavoured
Yobick Yogurt Flavoured tastes very delicious but very sweet. Can drink it anytime especially during the breakfast as it is very good for health. Seems it is very sweet so it can drink in a small amount of glass or blend it with any fruits juice as it gives full satisfaction with great benefits for the overall health. Indeed good for digestion too. The packaging is good and can easily get it from any supermarket. Try it and feel the delicious taste.
Yobick mempuyai rasa yang sedap dan dapat membantu meningkatkan prose penghadaman. Namun, rasa yobick terlalu manis.
just ok
packing yg comel membuatkan kita tertarik nak beli..tapi rasa dia biasa2 je..bagi saya lebih sedap vitagen. kalau nak dibandingkan dgn yakult sy prefer this produk.
Too Sweet
Taste so so, not that attractive as irgers products
Too sweet
The taste is good but the product too sweet. You need to maks some option less sweet than this one, because not all the people love to drink sweet drinks,
Very sweet and fake to my taste
At first, I tried it because there's some promotion, the price is ridiculously cheap for a yogurt drink. However I'm disappointed by the taste as this is a Yogurt FLAVOURED Drink. I doubt there's any benefit drinking this sugary drink.
Would love to re-purchase
it taste great! i really love it after try a sip. Not gonna regret.

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