4.2 5 0 11 11 Alami wajah berseri-seri dengan Eucerin Hyaluron. Dengan Teknologi Penganjalan Kulit Yang Dipertingkatkan, anda boleh memilih untuk kekal muda dan menikmati kulit anjal dan bebas kedutan!
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4 star
Membuatkan kulit menjadi segar lembut dan kelihatan muda dan sesuai juga untuk kulit yang senaitif
best.sesuai dengan kulit muka saya yang bermasalah dan kulit muka sy menjadi lebih sihat dan lembut
Its high concentration of hyaluronic acid works to restore the skin's youthful plumpness, and fill wrinkles from the inside out.
Melembut dan meremajakan kulit saya..lebih halus dan kelihatan muda
Keep my skin soft all the time. It is easy to use and it is not greasy than other ones. Cost it is quite better than other brands I highly recommend
saya mempunyai masalah kulit kusam dan gelap saya berharap dengan adanya EUCERIN HYALURON [ MY2 ] dapat membantu mengekalkan keanjalan dan mengurangkan kedutan dimuka saya.
I love the brand EUCERIN!!! I had eczema on my face to were some parts of it was scabby and bleed! I went to 2 doctors and even a specialist 7 tubes of different lotions, creams ect after 4 months I have up with them all absolutely no improvement I read up on several products decided to try something from this brand & within a week my skin was CLEAR!!! No scabs, no marks nothing! I would love to try this!
belum pernah. tetapi saya guna pro acne solution memang berkesan dan sangat berpuas hati
I heard that Eucerin Hyaluro amazing product. I m 36 years and now can see wrinkle on face. I very hope to try on Eucerin Hyaluro. Thanks
I love Eucerin but I've never heard of or tried this particular product out! I'm very particular about my skincare ritual & skincare items & this looks really nice! They've always had top of the line products! I'd love to try this out! I think I'm going to go & check it out more online!!!! I absolutely love love love skincare products & my skincare ritual is my time to feel great about myself & to take a moment to do something for me after taking care of others! We all deserved to have a little moment for ourselves at the end of the day to unwind & to get ready & focused for another fabulously crazy day!!!!
Eucerin has always been good to my skin, I have very sensitive and dry skin due to eczema. This product looks like it can help with putting moisture back skin which is always a good thing.

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