CED Peanut Butter Creamy

4.8 5 0 11 11 Sapuan CED Peanut Butter yang dibuat bersumberkan daripada kacang yang Tinggi Oleik. CED Peanut Butter ini dirumus khas untuk memberikan adunan cita rasa kacang dengan tahap kemanisan yang sempurna.
CED Peanut Butter Creamy


good product
CED Peanut Butter Creamy sedap makan dengan roti . tak manis sangat dan tak masin sangat. sesuai untuk kanak-kanak makan waktu sarapan. mudah nak beli di pasaraya. semua patut cuba..
Less sugar..very smooth
Love this..smooth, not so sweet..suit for kids and adult..not oily. Nice spread on bread or can make instant hummus, satay sauce. Taste great. Highly recommended.
Smooth and creamy texture
I like CED's peatnut butter as it is rich and creamy, the peanut is high quality and the price is reasonable and affordable, I highly recommended this brands as it is so yummy.
Rich and tasty
I first trying this creamy and tasty peanut butter, i started to love it, it is so smooth, rich and tasty, it can easily spread onto the bread and deilver a super delicious taste.
creamy and tasty
creamy and tasty, it is smooth, me and i family love it so much~ after try it, buy every week~~
Smooth and rich Peanut butter
I fist tried CED Peanut Butter and found that it is unquestionably the wise choice for peanut butter lovers. CEd u selecting the good quality ingredient, my family like it so much.
Fatimah (JB)
Taste very delicious, fully taste of peanut, easy spread, not too sweet, suitable for kids, my kids really love it, I have repeated several times, affordable price, I will recommend to my friends and family
Creamy and tasty you can't resist
First time purchase this peanut butter and it works wonder for my toast or even plain bread. It lasted creamy for longer time rather than others and less sweet if to compare with other brands. I would recommend this product.
Creamy and easy to spread
We have bought this peanut butter since last year and fall in love with the creamy texture. We love the texture that is creamy and it is easy to spread and still get the unique flavor of peanut butter. We enjoy eating it with toast and combine it with jam or even on its own.
Senang untuk sapu pada roti. Sedap sangat. I enjoy it
Taste good and love it
I do enjoy peanut butter mixed with chocolate. Does feel a bit need of each other to balance the taste. The PB taste so good and creamier texture as well. Doesn't break my toast like some other brand. Easy to spread, when the jar kept outside of fridge.

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