Chanel Rouge Allure Laque

4.7 5 0 50 50 Inilah gincu cair yang pertama daripada jenama CHANEL, dengan gabungan yang memperagakan keserian dan pemakaian yang tahan lama dengan kemasan satin. Tidak mudah pudar dan kalis air, dengan keserian satin, warna yang menawan dan penghidaratan selama 12 jam. Teksturnya yang unik dan sangat selesa ini pastinya menyerlahkan lagi penampilan bibir anda dengan sensasi yang lembut dan mulus selama 10 jam.
Chanel Rouge Allure Laque


a new favourite
I love this product so much. the color is so lasting and so bold. It is easy to apply. I would really recommend buying this. I hope there will be more shaded made.
Love it
My wife live this so much that she never bought any other products..memang recommended sgt!!..
Dengan sekali sapuan dibibir rasanya ringan dan tidak berat serta padat seperti lipstik yang lain..I'M FALL LOVE THIS LIPSTICK
Quality super good
I have tried many brands before. This is first time I felt very satisfied after I applied on my lips . Will continued to support this brand. Trust me won’t regret once u buy it 100%
Mosturizing lipstik
I tried it before i fell some of the chanel lipstik mostly dried but the other hand i highly recommended the people give it a try
Soft n nice
I hav tried few brand but i use this lipstick was applied to my lips to give me a radiant look,icm love it
My 1st choice everyday
Highly recommend and Best ever...quite moisture and color lasting
the best lipstick
warna yang menarik.. tahan lama ..tak meninggal kesan pada contohnya cawan minuman..the best lipstick...
Barang terbaik
Sangat baguss tahan lama bilaa pakai lipstik ni 🌹
Lipstik yang bagus untuk bibir, sentiasa melembabkan juga tidak merekah, warna yang cantik dan senang di bawa
Not so good and not so bad. The formula is quite drying for me in my opinion. For the price I can get more affordable ones with a better formula. I do not recommend maybe some other people will like it
Soft on the lips
I love Chanel's lip series and I collected almost most of it and some of it really dries my lips but this one is a little bit moist and long lasting compared to others
I love it!
Nothing to regret after purchase this. Love it much!
Love it!
My friend use this and I try it. It feels so good on your lips and won’t dry your lips eventho it is water resistant. Worth yo try!
Worth the money!
It does what it say! Lifeproof and water-resistant, it delivers satiny shine, colour and hydration. It does last long as 12-hours. Worry not about getting it off ur face. I highly would recommend.

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