Dutch Lady Juicy Milk Mango

4.9 5 0 7 7 Memperkenalkan Dutch Lady Juicy Milk Mango yang terkini! Rasailah minuman yang lazat, berkhasiat & menyegarkan ini dengan sedikit rasa manga. Sekali cuba, anda pasti nak lagi!
Dutch Lady Juicy Milk Mango


Refreshing Milk ~
Growing up..Dutch Lady is my family's milk brand of choice. This Mango flavoured milk from Dutch Lady is packed with goodness and nutrition for the kids. The taste of the mango is perfectly balanced with the milk. Not too sweet nor sour nor too milky. Such perfect fruity milk, not only for the kids but also for the grown-ups to enjoy!
Yummylicious Milk !
First try and i instantly love it ! The mango flavour compliments the milk, making it soo yummy to drink. Its especially great for those that dont like the taste of milk on its own, and will make you love flavoured milk. Craving another box already !
Great mango taste!
I super love this mango milk as the level of sweetness is just nice.plus, it does taste like mango unlike same other brands that sometimes taste like essence instead of real flavor. Love it cold. Just blend with frozen mango and you have mango smoothie.yummy
dutch lady dari zaman saya kanak2 dah minum.. now umur dah 39 still minum.. i never rasa perisa ini.. but every month i will buy perisa coklat, strawbery dan susu low fat.
Rich in flavour
Rich in flavour of mango and milk. Very tasty and i will continuesly buy it
Its taste good with mango flavour but still rich with milk..so its nutrious for kids
I would like to try it. It's look delicious, hope to try , especially during Ramadan , gives energy and suitable for iftar.

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