Glico Pocky Wholesome Blueberry Yogurt

4.3 5 0 15 15 Snek lazat yang bahagian atasnya disalut dengan krim coklat yang mengandungi yogurt blueberry dengan cebisan blueberry asli.
Glico Pocky Wholesome Blueberry Yogurt


Nice snack
Not too sweet, it is my favourite flavour.
I damn like pocky , since it’s yogurt so it will be abit sour but it doesn’t affect my favourable.
New taste
Come across this flavor from one of my shopping experience. Bought it for my 3 years old daughter to try. She not really like it, believe its abit too sour for her liking (and mine as well). The biscuit stick is whole wheat, thus we can taste the "healthiness" of it. Overall, we still prefer the strawberry pocky, all time flavor for my family.
Interesting taste
My son and I love it! We usually go for the chocolate flavor, but this one is fast becoming our next favourite! Sorry, chocolate!
我之前吃的口味都蛮单一 像是巧克力,或者白巧克力加饼干那些... 这个yogurt的味道酸酸甜甜的 我很喜欢
Pocky never dissapoint me. My kid love this as well. Like the taste
Guilty free snack
I like this Pocky Yogurt flavor biscuit stick as it is guilty free, the calories and fat is low compared other their other ranges flavour, the taste is good and it is less sweet.
Lovely pocky
My children like to eat pocky cause it good taste for kids
Pocky Stick
I love Pocky sticks, this new flavor with its crisp in creamy cream yogurt, the yogurt cream's taste is just nice, it is not too sweet and not too mild as well. it is nice and easy to eat.
Crunchy Yogurt
If you love yogurt, you'll definitely enjoy munching on this. I love the blueberry bits and the fact that its coated with yogurt. Bought this because they use whole wheat, just to make a sweet treat to be a little healthier ;)
Taste good
I like Pocky stick as it has many different flavor, this blueberry coated flavor is more healthy and tasty, I like its sweet and sour flavor. the price is good and it is convenience to eat.
Betul2 rasa blueberry yogurt
Mulanya rasa skeptikal dengan rasa whole wheat, tapi rasa dia ok dengan masam yogurt dan blueberry tu.Cuba la, belum pernah jumpa rasa yang macam ni,selalu jumpa yang berperisa manis je kan
Look good! Smell good! Taste good!
Purchased this many time. Nice! The blueberry cream around it is thick and creaming, my son absolutely love this alot!
perfect snack
whole wheat biscuit stick very nice with topped blueberry yogurt,little bit of real blueberry flakes make it unique flavors sweet and sour so awesome.

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