Jacob's Baked Crisps - Sour Cream & Onion

4.6 5 0 26 26 Setiap Jacob’s Baked Crisp telah dibakar sehingga rangup dan disalut dengan perisa krim masam dan bawang. Snek yang enak ini 100% dibakar di dalam ketuhar dan tidak digoreng. Kelazatannya ditambah kagi dengan kerangupan yang menyihatkan untuk sajian anda dan seisi keluarga.
Jacob's Baked Crisps - Sour Cream & Onion


Jacob's Baked crips sour cream
Jacob's Baked crips sour cream sangat enak dan sesuai dibawa untuk outstation dan menonton Tv
Jajan kayangan harga marhaen... Sentiasa ada kat rumah. Suka sangat...
Jacob baked crips
Healthy snackI like Jacobs baked crisps, it has 3 flavors, all are delicious,
Quite delicious
It does stick to your teeth if you have tons of it but it is quite yummy. Very crispy as well.
Jacob's Baked Crisps - Sour Cream & Onion
Sedap gila. Mcm keropok. Anak pun suka makan.
crispy and tasty
i love this crispy and tasty biscuit , it is baked not fried so it is not oily
First time I tried it and I fell in love with it. Its a must in my shopping list. I had tried cheese as well but I still prefer sour cream and onions.
Very tasty and I would recommend you to eat with mushroom soup.
Healthy snack
I like Jacobs baked crisps, it has 3 flavors, all are delicious, it is more healthy than other crisps and biscuits as it is a "baked" crisps. it is not as oily as other biscuits.
An airy light new technology biscuits
A light, tasty, simple and u won't realise that u had finished the whole pack in one go. It's soo yummy. I originally get it as birthday present along with chocolates. I finished eating this before my delicious chocolate. But then, I'm cravings for more and have to look everywhere to get more pack myself.
Can't get enough!
It crispy and delicious! If you thing sour cream chips are good, this one is waaaay better and way healthier because it's baked. I literally have to control myself from eating this at one go. Of course, we want to make is last at least 3 days.
Taste Good
I love cracker especially deep in to garlic spread or eat like that. I'm busy everyday, so, with this packaging in the morning, make it easier and avoid from gastric. If don't bf yet, u should taken smething small packaging like this, easy to bring it everywhere
Healthy snack!
Feels like eating potato chips of sour cream & onion but it's actually baked biscuits. I like the taste of biscuit with flavor of sour cream & onion. I would recommend this to my family and friends as healthy snack to replace potato chips.
Too good! Please try!
The crunch is amazing and the sour cream flavour is my favourite. Best to know that it is baked so i feel less guilty with the snack. Even the plan and cheese flavour are good. Im getting this again
Love it!
Love the crispiness and taste. I have also tested cheddar cheese flavour

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