4.8 5 0 22 22 <p> Beras rangup dan kepingan gandum dengan badam dan vanila adalah sumber serat yang baik yang dibuat dengan gandum dan Kosher. </p>
Kelloggs Special Vanila Almond
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K means potassium
Thanks to the flavor Vanilla Almond, I can think more clearly, especially when I have a long day of work ahead of me. Couldn't ask for a better breakfast. 10/10 would recommend! <3
kellogs special vanilla almond
sarapan yang mudah dan berkhasiat . almond dan vanilla , kombinasi yang bagus . saya dan suami sangat sukakannya .
I love Kelloggs Special Vanilla Almond cereal. I have it at least 3 times a week. I get cereal burnout and the vanilla almond flavor and crunchy flakes helps keep that at bay. It is delicious and nutritious. Definitely recommend you try it
This cereal is awesome. It's whole grain, low calorie and has a great taste ( which makes it easier to forget that it's good for you). My grocery store is right around the corner and because of this I have easy access to groceries when I run out. I hardly ever run out of this cereal.I first tried this cereal when years ago they had this campaign/commercial telling us to eat this twice a day with one low calorie nutritious meal and exercise for a month to lose 10 kilograms.
Saya jarang bersarapan kerana selalu sibuk menyediakan bekalan buat anak2, saya ingin mencuba Kelloggs Special Vanila Almond ini, mesti sedap, dan ia nya mudah dibawa untuk saya simpan di pejabat sahaja.
i love Almond, so i love this too. i can took this for my breakfast and can last me until dinner time :)
Amazing taste !!! Always keep day be full with energy and nutrition.
I love Kellogs Special K but i have not tried the new vanilla almond . Special K starts my day with a great feeling.
so so recommendable, delicious and worthy every bite! i want to have it myself
It tastes good. However the amount of almond flakes are too little.
Most needed as my breakfast. It's really healthy n nice product
wow Ingin mencuba sarapan yang sangat berkhasiat ni.
I would love to try the new vanilla almond flavour. Kellogg's K is a fantastic way to start the day. Keeps you fuller for longer.
My child every day she will eat kelloggs special vanila almond with milk . she love it
KELLOGGS >>> A health food for me , this is my breakfast every morning.because Nutritious, delicious and healthy , i love the vanila almond : )

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