4.8 5 0 68 68 <p> Beras rangup dan kepingan gandum dengan badam dan vanila adalah sumber serat yang baik yang dibuat dengan gandum dan Kosher. </p>
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Always on a look-out for a fun breakfast. Would like to give this Vanilla Almond a try.
I would love to try the new vanilla almond flavour. Kellogg's K is a fantastic way to start the day. Keeps you fuller for longer.
I never try this Kellogs.It looks healthy and yummilicious with vanilla and almonds.It surely a good choice for breakfast...
love to try this product because it is so healthy for our life.
im very strict on my diet as i do weightlifting . I would like to try this product and find out the benefits of this breakfast product.
I love it ! It is very crispy and very deep smell of wholegrain ~
I would like to take up the 2 weeks challenge of Kelloggs Special Vanila Almond especially after my recent delivery of baby so that I could kick start a healthy diet and get back in shape for work!
Hi This looks very yummy and did not try it as yet, Kelloggs products are always fun and exciting and what would a morning be with out Kelloggs. Like I hear my kids, Mamma our Kelloggs are almost finish, you need to get more
I want to try this product. Kelloggs is made from crunchy rice and wheat flakes with almonds and vanilla. Besides, it is also made from a good source of fiber and made with whole grain and Kosher.
I eat cereal with milk everyday and every morning. I hope I could try this because I always eat cornflakes and getting bored.
I hope to try the Kellogg's special vanila almond.this brand crunchy rice and wheat flakes so I hope can get the sample for new flavour.
My family are like almond .we like to try this Kelloggsproduct for breakfast.thank you.
i just love to have cereals as morning breakfast so cant be patient to try this one..........
Would like to try this product to add in my keep fit programme.
Saya teringin untuk mencuba kellog yg berperisa ini...pasti hebat..

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