Kleenex Facial Tissue Softpack Brazilian Citrus Aroma

4.9 5 0 11 11 Diperbuat daripada ekstrak kapas berkualiti tinggi dan serat dara yang diimport 100%. Juga mengandungi Pati Minyak Sitrus Brazil yang mengembalikan dan menyegarkan sensasi deria anda, dan pada masa yang sama menyerikan ruang rumah, pejabat atau di mana jua dengan reka bentuknya yang cantik mempesona.
Kleenex Facial Tissue Softpack Brazilian Citrus Aroma


I love it
Usually bI only but cheaper unscented tissue. But I kinda want to try this lemon scented one. And I'm not disappointed. Eventho its soft it doesn't break easily when wet. And it smells amazing. Recommended.
Super soft
It's very thin tissue and super soft. Very suitable to be used for facial and baby. Price range are affordable and easy to get it anywhere
Kleenex tissue
I like using kleenex tissue as it is made with high quality cotton extracts, it deliver a luxurious touch, and it does not leave any residue bits. i like its light aroma scents.
Best product for sensitive skin
This is one of the best brand of tissue I have tried out especially apply for those sensitive part of skin. No need to worry about the thickness as well. I personally feel like even the price is high a bit compare to other brands, but is affordable
Smells Good
Have been using tissue from this brand for several years. It is soft but not too thin, suitable for daily use.
Soft and Nice
Soft Tissue, No unwanted residue. Nice scent and I enjoy it very much.
tissue so soft and good product quality. easy to carry for handbag size.
Soft and no residue
Feels soft and there is no any residue/tissue dust left after use it to wipe anything on cushion,face or table. Like it
Feels soft and smells fresh
Convenient size to leave in the car or carry around with a small bag
Soft and feeble
Liked this product for its smoothness and non-sticky type
Saya ingin mencuba product ini..Saya berharap dapat mengunakn tisu ini kerana ingin mengatahui keberkesanan tisu ini..

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