Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

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Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream


Super hydrated cream
I like Laneige's product, it is suit to Asian, this water bank range cream is super hydrated, The gel has a light and non-sticky texture to support fast absorption. it is a good product.
Uncomfortable to use in day time
I used this for 2 years and realized that whenever I used it in day time my skin becomes more oily. I have combination sensitive skin. Using it at night is much better. Skin hydrated and moist . Difference seen within 2 months.
Laneige water bank
I appreciate the lightweight texture of skincare. Thus, Laneige water Bank cream created a hydrating formula that has a non-sticky texture that is sure to leave my skin highly moisturised.
Whole fresh new feeling
I use it as a sleeping mask. It moisturizes the skin giving it a whole fresh new feeling. The scent is VERY nice too! But a little bit pricey, but still will recommend this for my friend and family.
good for my skin, my skin keeps hydrated n subtle. the texture is light on my skin and very good
Laneige cream
It watery and light texture of cream. When apply on face the face look watery and glowy. It absorbs very fast into the skin. The face become more softer and moisture. It suitable for my combination skin type. Mostly others skin care I try will make my face skin oily after long hours use but when apply this laneige cream the face became less oily and more fresh after long hours use.
Own product review
The product is good especially use at night. However the packaging glass is very heavy. After finish the glass itself weigh abt 100g if i am not wrong. This made my sister check in luggage overweight therfore decided not to carry all the laneige skincare.
This moisturizer is very effective. It’s rich and a little goes a long way. Great for day wear! But I think it's a little bit pricey.
Excellent Product
The product does it work. It hydrates my skin and not sticky at all.
not bad
used this for night routine as I have combination skin. not suitable for morning routine if you have oily skin
Very hydrating!
I have dry skin condition and I use this daily. It really helps to moisturize my skin and kept it moisturized throughout the day. I really love how it does not make my skin feels sticky like other products that claims to be moisturizing. It feels light on my skin and I use it to prep my skin before putting my makeup on.
Light and moisturizing. Suitable for my skin sensitive skin.
Water based
Water based cream - very gentle and moisturising for my skin. Leaves my skin moisturised for long hours.
Moist lock
Leaing my skin moisture all day and it won’t make skin oily. It is good for dry and aging skin.
leave your face moisturise
make my face feel moisturised and it is not sticky

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