4.9 5 0 28 28 Berbanggalah dengan rambut cantik bersama Lucido-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment! Kandungan minyak argannya membuatkan rambut anda lembut licin bak sutera dan bebas daripada kerosakan – seolah-olah dari iklan rambut!
Lucido-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment [ MY2 ]
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My favorite hair oil ever..😘😘😘😘😘😘..would never try other product..the best
nice smell
it makes my hair smooth after i wash and apply it. Does not make my hair oily and has a pleasant smell
Ever since I've started trying this oil about 2 years back, I've stuck with it. I've always been sceptical when it comes to hair oil, and generally wouldn't consider buying any for my hair. But since I started bleaching & colouring my hair, I thought why not give it a try. To my surprise, this oil is amazing. It's reasonably priced, smells great, not oily when applied, and absorbs well! Generally I try to put 2 pumps onto the mid to tips of my hair (shoulder length). It has been my lifesaver of tangled hair & dry, frizzy looking hair. I highly recommend it for people with normal to dry hair.
Light weight hair oil
My favourite hair oil. its so light weight but at the same time works wonder. my hair looks healthy, shiny and smell good when i use this.
Rambut sy agak kering dan bercabang. Selepas memakainya dengan adik perempuan sy sendri, beliau sudah mejadikan produk ini sebagai penjagaan rambut yang wajib. Sy semdiri turut menyukainya krn rambut gugur mulai berkurangan.
Leaves hair smooth and silky
Argan oil is nourishment to the hair. i like that this formula is not greasy on the hands. it is absorbed quickly by the hair. and apply semi wet on the hair and then blow dry for less frizz
A preferred brand
I love haircare ranges from this brand. This one is no exception. It absorbs well, and doesnt make your hair feel heavy.
Product is normal
This hair serum for me is ok, but after apply it i feel a bit oily. I more prefer the one that i usually use one
Lucido- L argan rich hair treatment
Saya menyukai memakai minyak rambut ini kerana membuatkan rambut saya lebih lembut dan bersinar.wangian memberi rambut saya lebih harum
Soft hair and smell nice
The only things that i loved about this product is the smell. Its very nice, lightly and gentle. The product also works on my hair. It make my hair look soft and silky. I used it everyday for maximum result. Recommended!
Argan oil
Rambut mnjadi sangat lembut selepas aply minyak ni.
Floral scent
A little goes a long way if you have hair that's not thick. In my case, my hair are full of baby hair sticking out unevenly due to constantly falling and regrowing at each of their own rate. So this hair oil really did its trick in taming these baby hairs of mine beautifully, with the sweet floral scent as a plus. As good as what an argan oil can do to your hair, refrain from overdoing it. Because although it does not make your hair look greasy at initial application, too much of it will contribute as well to having an oily hair by the end of the day.
Lucido L Argan sangat berkesan untuk rambut saya sekeluarga
Kami sekeluarga sangat sukakan Lucido L Argan Rich Hair Treatment dan menggunakannya setiap hari.Sangat serasi dan berkesan melembutkan rambut serta rambut lebih mudah diurus.
love it
Been trying this hair oil for awhile and loving the smell and my hair feels so smooth after using it. Absolutely loves it!!
Rambut Bertambah Lebat Tidak Gugur Lagi
Penggunaan selama 2 minggu menampakkan hasil, rambut bertambah lebat dan tidak gugur.Rambut tidak rosak dan bertambah lembut.Tidak perlu risau lagi kerana minyak argan bagus untuk penjagaan rambut dan kulit kepala.

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