MEG RHYTHM Steam Eye Mask

4.8 5 0 10 10 Rawat mata anda yang letih dengan mandian stim bersuhu 40°C, agar lebih lega dan tenang. Stim yang dihasilkan daripada suhu panas yang melembapkan dan melegakan mata yang letih dengan pantas, serta menghilangkan tekanan dan stres!
MEG RHYTHM Steam Eye Mask


MEG RHYTHM Steam Eye Mask
pernah tak tidur 24 jam lepastu pakai ni, fuhhhh lega betul... rasa suam suam panas dkt mata bebetul best giler
Excellent product for tired eyes
When I hardly fall asleep, I always use it and I fall asleep without knowing it. Suitable for tired eyes or exhausted after having heavy loaded work. It relieve our stress & tiredness too
Good product when you have tired eyes
Product that I will bring with me when I am traveling abroad to relax my eyes when traveling. You will feel refreshed after using this product.
Good for eye
I have use this item and over all its good and nice to use. Im use at night after wake up at morning my eyes so comfy heheheheh
Loved this eye steam patch
I love to use this eye steam patch prior to bed as it helps to smooth my tired eyes and helps me to fall asleep better. The aromatherapy smell of the product also helps me relax.
已经使用超过8年了,这Eye Mask可以缓解眼睛疲劳 如果使用Lavender的Eye Mask还可以提高睡眠品质。 这已经成为我的生活必需品了。
Feeling comfortable and relax while using especially during sleeping , like the smell , the bad things is just the price is a bit high for just 5 pcs in a box cost aound RM20+
Relief tired eyes + eye-cream booster
I use it 2-3 times a week. Sometimes i use it after i apply thick layer of eye cream and the heat of the eye mask helps my skin to absorb the eye cream. Sometimes i use it to relief my tired eyes after facing computer for long hours.
Good to relieve tired eyes
Takes a few uses to get used to the heat but once you do your eyes really feel less strained and dry. Wish the ones with scents were a bit stronger, nevertheless this is good for people who constantly look at electronic devices.
Is very comfortable when u using this steam mask, after the treatment u will feel relax n having a nice sleep at night

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