4.5 5 0 15 15 Inilah kepedasan yang sukar dilupakan dari Mister Potato. Snek cip kentang yang amat mudah sekali dinikmati – tak kira masa, bersama rakan dan keluarga.
Mister Potato – Mala Lobster
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The Taste-ning
Fun to eat, and sensations in a bite. Fun size snacks for everyday excitement at any time, anywhere.
My boss pass this yo me last week and for the first time i taste something that really taste like a real thinggy... The real taste of lobster you can find in this.. fully recommended to everyone out there but it is limited edition so better grab before you regret
My daughter say this product very nice. If you haven try it, you may go may try & you will feel the great taste.
Mala Lobster
Sedap. Rasa pedas dan rasa manis udang balance. Recommended to try if you are a prawn lover
The saltiness and spiciness match really well together. It's a very unique taste. If you have savoury cravings you should opt for this one!
Sedap..bg sy xpedas sgt..lg suka yg spicy lama..hihi
rasa udang pedas hebat!
suka sangat perisa Spicy Prawn Flavour, pedas, sedap sangat, tapi hati-hati bagi yang ada alahan pada seafood ye..
Better than I thought
Taste better than it looks. Real seafood taste for seafood lover.
Supa dupa delicious
Nyum nyumm..mantapp kali.. rasa yang teramat luar biasanya
rasa yang berlainan
anak saya gemar makan potato. sedap bila dimakan bersama sama.
Mr Potato perisa lobters
Saya mmg pengemar kerepek kentang Mr.Potato. sebagai perisa yg baharu ni, pd pendapat saya ok. Rasa udang yg kuat dn sedap. So ank ² pn suka akn rasanya.
Too delicious
The taste is so nice and crispy..like it so muchhhhh
Great New Flavor
I am always attracted to new flavors. The prawn taste is not too strong with a hint of spice. Definitely must try since it is a CNY limited edition.
Packaging menarik minat kanak2 utk mmbeli .. Saya lebih menyukai mister potato sour cream ..
Something different for a change
Catchy name and packaging (i.e. pink!), I like it - that's what made me give it a try. To set my review in perspective, please note that my usual spicy tolerance level is 7/10. For me, this is not exactly "Mala" but spicy level is definitely greater than most snacks out there. As for the taste, I'd say the spiciness has overpowered any sort of lobster taste or whatsoever flavour that was intended. Overall, all I can I say is "It's Spicy alright"! You'll love it if you want a little kick, but if your tolerance level is top notch, this might be nothing for you.

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