Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream

4.2 5 0 27 27 Inilah keseimbangan sempurna aiskrim lembut dan krim vanila yang disalut dengan kopi Nescafé Gold yang mewah dan halus.
Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream


Exquisite ice cream ever
Delicious ice cream that melts in your mouth. The flavour is sweet and it makes your mouth water. It is creamy and it feels smooth in your mouth,you cannot stop eating it. Has a strong coffee flavour mix together with vanilla which makes it wonderful. Quite expensive but definitely worth the money.
rich coffee ice-cream
taste really good, chocolatey and have strong coffee flavor.
Love the kick taste of coffee
I love the Nescafé flavor in the ice cream. I though it's coating with chocolate, but the coating too taste like coffee. The only downside is that the price is almost similar to that same type of ice cream (chocolate coating ice cream) which I think will be preferable and well known
For coffee lovee
Saya suka minum kopi.. tapi aiskrim nie.. sangat terbaik... Bg sye xterlalu manis dan ade rasa pahit kopi... Dan tak muak bila makan...
taste ok
taste : 2/5 very sweet cappuccino not strong enough
As a coffee lover, I would say that this ice cream is worth trying as the taste of the coffee blends well with the vanilla ice cream even though its quite sweet but the bitter from the coffee just makes it an awesome ice-cream.
I am an ice cream lover and I love this new nescafe gold ice cream! its creamy and not bitter like drinking coffee.
Taste good !
I like cofffee made dessert and food, thus this Nesface GOld Cappucino ice is my favourite, The perfect matching of rich, soft, smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream, I like it !
Nice for one try
The ice cream taste a little coffee but quite sweet. Worth to try bit not the kind of ice cream that i gonna find too often but worth to try
too sweet
not up to my expectation. the coffee flavour got overwhelmed by the sweetness and creaminess of the icecream. For a coffee addict like me, it is unlikely to be repeated.
Worth to try
IT is worth to try this unique ice cream, the taste is perfect match and balance of soft and creamy vanilla ice cream, it is coating in n rich and creamny Nescafé Gold coffee. I like it
Ais cream
Saya dah cuba makan ais krim ni, mmg sedap, manis dan pahit ais krim ni mmg meletopp sgt.
Nescafé Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream
Saya seorang peminat kopi yg kerap minum kopi. Rasa Aiskrim terlalu manis dan berlemak. Kurang rasa kopi.
Best sedap di makan, manis ice cream blend dengan pahit pada coating icecream.
Sedap mix with vanilla and coffee. Not real fan coffee person. But worthy to try. Rasa coffee dia sedap mcm minum te real nescafe

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