4.2 5 0 35 35 Alami kelazatan Pepsi Black yang anda kenali sembil menjelajahi rasa pedas halia Pepsi Ginger.
Pepsi Ginger
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The weird combination flavour
This is the most terrible flavour that I've drunk. Ginger is not suitable to make a carbonated drink.
Good, love it. Not too sweet and love the ginger taste
I was sceptical at first but after tasting it, it wasn't that bad! It tasted like ginger beer plus cola. The ginger taste is just nice and blends well with cola. Would buy this occasionally.
Nice addition of ginger to a regular cola. Its a cross between a cola and ginger beer and I love it.
It's not as bad as i thought
At first I thought the taste will be very weird. But after i tried, ya actually its not that bad. That spicy taste of ginger surprisingly blended well with the taste of Pepsi, and despite the fact that it’s sugar-free, the drink leaves your mouth with a sweet aftertaste. Go & try it yourself..
Pepsi ginger
Taste is superb. Not too sweet. The slight ginger spicy taste makes you keep drinking.
Gingery taste
Loving the ginger taste.. not too strong. Plus no calories!
Pepsi Black
its very different from other pepsi! more healthier & more better than normal pepsi! It taste very light but somehow strong! i like it very much better than the old one! wlove it!
Pepsi Ginger - Balance of fizzy and innovative
Interesting taste profile that compliment and does not overpower the taste of pepsi, which gives me more choice to select when I buy soft drink to quench my thirst. Definitely suitable to all people who love pepsi out there.
Lebih sedap berbanding pepsi biasa. Highly reccomended.
Good for diet
Taste good. Zero sugar zero calories. Good for people undergoing workout. I like it because it has a ginger taste. Maybe can add more different flavor? Would buy again.
First time trying Pepsi Black series and it was so different with their normal series. It is more tasty and in fact, healthier choice too for people to consume. I definitely recommend this tk everyone I know.
Pepsi Black
I love it. The fizz isn't so strong, and the flavour is nice. It's also a nice drink to pick up whenever I feel like taking something sugary, but not feel guilty about xonsuming it.
pepsi black
sangat sedap nak dibandingkan dengan pepsi yang sebelum ni. pepsi sebelum ni rasa biasa biasa aje. yang ni paling best!😊
Love it!
I tried this out of curiosity and wasn't expecting much. But this beverage sure packs a punch and I found myself liking the gingery pepsi taste. Good for passing wind as well. Haha.

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