4 5 0 59 59 <p> Penyelesaian mudah untuk mengeluarkan kotoran yang sukar dan berwarna terang </p>
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tak susah lagi
dengan Persil tak perlu susah payah lagi menyental kotoran
Very convenient. All I need to do is just dump one capsule into the washing machine and it does all the work for me.
Absolutely loved. Cleaned thoroughly unlike other products.
It's easy to use,simple yet delivers a thorough wash and is tough on stains. Persil Colour Washing Capsules are great!
Hope can use this products Persil Colour Washing Capsules 20 wash bcoz i knowthis products can remove and kill bacteria, can clean and care for clothes. I really want to try this good product and i will share with my family .
I want try this product, I know this product for colourful clothes, can keep your colours vibrant, can remove and kill bacteria, can clean and care for clothes. I really want to try this good product.
saya amat teruja dengan produk ini....rakan2 mengatakan persil sgt bagus...menghapuskan kesan degil dengan mudah dan mengharumkan pakaian...ramai rakan mengatakan...warna pakaian tidak pudar dan seperti baru
Sy belum mencuba dan teruja utk mencubanya sendiri dan merasai keberkesanan manfaat dari produk ini... Kerana sy memang mengalami kesusahan dlm mencuci pakaian terutama pakaian anak² yg sentiase kotor dan kelihatan kusam...sy yakin dgn product ini sy dpt mencuci pakaian dgn lebih mudah dan akn kelihatan lebih cantik dan bersih tanpa menjejaskn warne pakaian..
Never thought of capsules detergent & would like to try the wonder of the mighty capsules that keeps colourful & vibrant of those clothes. Thanks!
I love to try this products as can keep colour vibrant and remove stain too
Would be splendid for washing my family clothes especially worry-free about staining. Definitely want to try this!
I have not tried this product but using aerial capsules at the moment. would love try this amazing product.
wow..what an innovation..never try this product. But if it can reduce wrinkle, it makes life easier to ironing the clothes afterwards !
look great I haven't tried this product before.. I wondering how impact the result is.
I am so used to liquid laundry detergents due to ease of use. I have not tried any Persil product brand before and would like to try this washing capsule as an alternative option, if it proves to deliver the same, if not better than liquid detergents. Thank you.

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