Rex Mushroom Cream Soup

3.6 5 0 5 5 Produk sup pekat yang mudah dan pantas disediakan untuk sajian lengkap yang penuh berkhasiat.
Rex Mushroom Cream Soup


good product
Rex Mushroom Cream Soup rasa lemak-lemak masin. sedap dimakan begitu saja dan makan dengan roti. sesuai untuk seisi keluarga. mudah dengan panaskan saja sup ini dan bawa pergi bercuti
Not as flavourful as I expected
My usual mushroom soup is always from the Campbell brand and those from the restaurant. I've followed the instruction, 1 tin of mushroom soup + 1 tin of water. But I find it's kinda diluted for me. Probably have to add less water.
Convenience to cook
THis REx mushroom soup is easy and convenience to cook, it suits to working women, the taste is yummy and rich and the texture is smooth and creamy. the price point is super good.
Worth the try
1st of all, don't compare this with well known brand because its different all together in term of visual, taste and texture. But.. what did i do is, add a whole button mushroom in a can (preferred small. Blend it together with the final product, add seaoning to your liking and its as good as any high end brand. 😊
Rex, here I come
Rex - I thought it was more like Sardine when I first bought its product. Now Mushroom soup??? I had to try, hence bought it but somehow it tasted slightly different from the Heinz that I bought before - but still I like it! Thanks for giving us a difference!

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