SUNSILK Super Conditioner Damage Rescue

4.5 5 0 42 42 Baharu! Sunsilk Collagen Filler Damage Rescue. Kembalikan keserian rambut anda yang rosak dan serlahkan rambut yang sihat menawan penuh kesegaran.
SUNSILK Super Conditioner Damage Rescue


Repair damage hair
This Sunsilk hair product is helping to repair my damage hair due to over coloring. it restores smoothness and tames frizzy hair by restoring dull hair to healthy,soft and silk.
Honestly, this conditioner is so good. The scent is exceptional and last longer on my hair. The volume booster one is a real good too.
My hair became soft and long last. Love the smell. The smell long last up to 72 hours.
Scent so good !
Sunsilk SUper conditioner is a good hair conditioner as it made of natural ingredients, it revitalised my damaged hair and bring it to its healthier state. the scents is so nice and lasting.
Affordable conditioner
This conditioner is affordable and works pretty well for my dry and damaged hair. It is able to moisturize my hair after use and does not need a lot of products as it is thick but able to spreads well to nourish the hair. As for the fragrance, I will not say I don't like it nor I like it.
Average conditioner
I didn't really see any difference in my hair after using this product. My ends actually felt a little rougher than usual after using this conditioner. Product smells great though.
Ni srs talk,mmg best!sbb dia x mcm conditionar yg lain tau.kalau yg lain selalunya lps basuh rambut akn rasa kesat2 tapi kalau yg sunsilk ni rambut mmg akn jadi lembut.u should purchase it!mmg x rugi ahh
The affordable Hair Conditioner
Ones try it the best of it is the smell. Its has great smell. The packaging are attractive. Its perform well as for conditioning my hair. But,its cannot maintain my frizzy hair. The price are super affordable.
我对这款conditioner印象深刻。 价格不但便宜,使用后的头发真的变得非常光滑,我也很喜欢它的味道.
Awesome product ever
I really impressed with this conditioner.. it makes my hair become more healthy, soft, shine and smells good.. before this i have a lots of hair problems such as hair loss and tangled hair, but now all of this problem solved.. thank you..
It works
My hair become smooth and silky. Less damage hair and less hair fall. The smell also good.
fav conditioner
so good for my hair and bau dia wangi and mudah dibawa kemana mana why i rse mcm ni sbb rmbut i wangi lembut lps i apply and apa yang i suka dia buat rmbut i wangi and lembut dan dan tidak ygur also my roomatte pun try i punya then beli jugak🥰
Rambut kering kembali lembut
Dah mencuba nya selama sebulan, better than conditioner jenama lain yang terdapat di supermarket.
Superb conditioner
Conditioner yg mesra poket tapi result mengagumkan. Lepas bilas tu rambut jadi lembut je. Bau pon okay. Just nice. Tak terlalu menyengat hidung. Sangat recommend untuk orang yang rambut kering.

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