Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara Cheese

4.5 5 0 10 10 Diperbuat daripada keju berkualiti premium dengan gabungan herba dan rempah tempatan. Nikmatilah aura sajian Itali dengan tambahan lada hitam dan kepingan cili yang gerenti membuka selera.
Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara Cheese


super yummy!
Tried this and it is super yummy! Suggest not to add all chilli flakes if you don't prefer spicy food. Fast cooking, very suitable to be served as supper you you are hungry during late night!
Super delicious
Made from cheese, chicken ham, butter, chilli flakes and cream, it definitely adds a whole lot of Italian flair to your ordinary mi goreng. Get ready to slurp up some cheesy and creamy goodness in every springy noodle. Vit’s Italian Carbonara Fried Noodles is also free of preservatives and artificial colours!
My favorite, no substitute. The family has finished eating and regrets not buying another pack! sad emoji.
Sedap sangtttt
Sebagai seorang yang penggemar tegar maggi, perisa yang terbaru ni sangat kena dengan selera kami sekeluarga, beli sebungkus tak cukup punya laa, anak anak berebut makan maggi ni kalau saya masak, rugi tau tak cuba
Easy and delicious pasta
Bought this in convenience store. Going to be my new favourite instant noodle. The preparation is quick and easy. It has the aura of Italian Pasta. I tried with meatball, perfect combination.
Worth for a try!
Brought and tried few weeks ago, the noodle is quite similar to instant noodles not spaghetti, but this give a new taste! I love the aglio olio taste and it match perfectly nice with the tabasco sauce! So if you like Tabasco sauce, you can try to mix and eat together with this mee! Surprisingly nice !
taste a little bit weird
Maybe because of the way it cooks are different than normal aglio olio. Plus It have way too much oils
Taste good just that unlike spaghetti, the texture of the noodles brings a different texture.
I can't resist spaghetti aglio olio and gave this one a try. Taste okay but left your tongue a strong tang.
Taste good
Taste good just that unlike spaghetti, the texture of the noodles brings a different texture. Nevertheless, good to try.

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