Wall's Ovaltine Crunchy Pop

4.7 5 0 89 89 Aiskrim Ovaltine malt putih berkrim dengan putaran coklat malt yang disaluti coklat malt. Kelazatannya ditambahkan lagi dengan Kepingan Ovaltine Rangup untuk kesedapan yang Rangup Kaw Kaw dalam setiap gigitan! Semestinya membuka selera.
Wall's Ovaltine Crunchy Pop


Crunchy choco coating
For someone who likes sweet this ice cream is for you. Chocolate coating is crunchy and have bits that are sweet. The ice cream inside balances out the sweetness from coating
Childhood Icecream
One of the best ice cream I had. Now it is one of my favourite one.
Suka dengan rasa ovaltine.. sedap dan manis.. crunchy choclate tu rangup bukan macam salutan choclate icecream biasa kat luar tu. campur dengan vanilla ice cream hurmmmm... sedap sangattt!
Love it, but too sweet.
I bought this together with Magnum ice cream, I would say I prefer this flavor and especially the crunchy pops, but the sweetness is a bit too much for me. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
I love this ice cream. Perfect creaminess and perfect crunch. I just love the Ovaltine crunch on the outer layer. I'm a fan of choc malt, so this taste really good for me. Hopefully it won't be discontinued anytime soon.
Affordable and good taste!
i love the sweetness of this ovaltine icecream. however, sometimes it taste too sweets or maybe im too old for this kinda dessert. but i love it. the crunchy covered the ice cream taste so nice and smooth.
Good indulgence
Absolutely love the ovaltine taste (although I personally know people who do not). Nothing else similar in the market right now that has the crunchiness and creaminess this ice cream offers. Lost a star as it is on the sweet side.
ais krim
terasa perisa coklat yang mantao dan sedap .berbaloi bila makan .dan akan rasa nak makan lagi dan lagi
Worth to try
I like the Crunchiest . Its really nice but icant tolerate with the sweetness level. For me its too sweet. But it worth to try it once in life. Tq
Just to taste, why not. Will it be a favourite? Maybe not
I’ve had ovaltine previously and they taste ok. However for the icecream version of this, I find it a little too sweet for my taste.
Nice try
Rasa ok. But not for me. Maybe becauce i'm not a ovaltine fan.
Yummy Ovaltine icecream
Really fall in love with ovaltine flava. Have tried fourth times. Here, I need to grab this ice cream with other customers. Really fast selling. Thumbs up
rasa ovaltine memang tidak mengecewakan.. sedap dan manis. mudah di cari di kedai serbaneka
A good taste
Peminat ais krim pasti tidak akan kecewa kerangupan aiskrim ini dengan coklat berperisa ovaltine pasti membuat anda mahu mencuba lagi
Tasty & Delicious
Chocolate & milk combination and crunchy covered chocolate. it is just perfect and easy way of happiness.

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