Aiken prebiotic hydra plus

4.6 5 0 53 53 该产品含有法国的天然益生菌和韩国的大米水,AIKEN Hydra Plus系列被证明能够更自然地提高肌肤内外的水分。
Aiken prebiotic hydra plus


Highly recommended
I have sensitive skin, so I have to think twice before trying a product. After using Aiken, my skin didn't itch, but it felt a little sticky. Maybe I used too much.The product no so bad, you can try it.
good for dry skin
if you’re on a budget and looking for a good toner, this is the one. i used hadalabo before but its quite pricey, then i tried this aiken, surprisingly its not so bad although its very cheap compare to hadalabo. the texture is not so thick, doesn’t leave your skin feel sticky and it doesn’t have fragrance. most importantly it hydrates your skin
Good value for money
Good product quality. Very easy to use and smells great. I use this with the moisturiser. Feels very moisturising. Happy with this. Skin feels great. Always out for a hunt for the best skin products
Bagus untuk yang ada masalah kulit kering..Kulit muka rasa lembut dan tak kering lepas guna essence ni..Cepat serap dekat muka dan muka rasa lembut..
Toing toing
Really love this essence. It feels lightweight on your skin. Doesn’t sticky much and the best thing is it doesn’t have any smell. As someone that have sensitive skin, I really particular about the fragrance. Already in my 4th bottle. Yeah, this is one of my holy grail.
Sometime bila kulit sy kering giler. Sy suka dapdap aiken prebiotic ni. A few week kulit dah tak kering. Kalau burn teruk pun sy dap dap pd skin. Rase kulit lebih hydrate.
Helps hydrate my skin
Only needed few drops to see immediate results. Skin really smooth and silky after using.
Melembabkan muka
Saya pernah pakai aiken prebiotic ni, sesuai bagi yg mempunyai muka kering, texture okey cepat serap juga
Most effective essence
Very effective and suitable for dealing with dry skin and dull skin. skin feels very soft immediately after use. skin moisture improves. Acne is also reduced. The texture is not sticky and easy to handle
My sister introduced this product to me when I was having some problems with my dry skin. I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought that it will have that clinical scent but not at all. I love that it does not feel too light when sprayed to my face. It's easily absorbed to my skin even though I sprayed two or three layers. Now I'm using their moisturizer and face cleaser too! No more dry skin for me
I’ve tried it once and maybe it doesn’t fit well with my skin, every time I apply it on my skin, it’ll become sticky and makes my face oily… I think it’s not suitable for oily and acne prone skin.
Love this product
Best pakai dah 3x repeat. Kulit muka jadi moist je. Sebelum ni kulit muka sy kering. Bila dah pakai ni jadi freshhh dan bertambah berseri .
Took awhile to see skin changes
At first my skin seems doesn’t suitable with this product. It’s sticky and I do not like the feeling after wearing this. So I tried using this with my sheet mask & it works wonder. Soaked with my sheet mask and leave it on my skin for 10 minutes. I clean up my skin afterwards because the consistency too thick for me.
Good product
This product is holy grail. I use it as layer before apply my retinol moisturiser. This works like charm and my face didn't dry. I only use 2 or 3 drop of this and it save my money too.
Aiken Essence Water Hydra Plus
This product makes my skin more hydrated.


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