Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser

4.8 5 0 19 19 Contains 6 nutrient-rich base ingredients (Centella Asiatica, Green Tea, Hops, Calendula, Sweet Almond Oil, Holy Basil), all work hand in hand to calm irritations and improve skin texture. Besides, they also help to neutralize free radicals caused by sun and pollution exposure.
Axis-Y Quinoa One-Step Balanced Gel Cleanser


Axis Y di hati
Sda puas cuba bermacam2 jenis skincare..axis y yg sesuai dgn kulit saya..berkesan mengurangkan parut,jeragat,love sangat dgn axis y
cleanser yang sangat berkesan untuk mengurangkan minyak di kulit muka. muka terasa bersih, mulus dan segar selepas mencuci. sangat berbaloi mencuba produk ini.
Clean not strip
Serious sedap. Tak terlalu kering lepas cuci muka tapi muka rasa segar dan bersih. Serious bagus
This cleanser is very gentle and effective, It can instantly washes away impurities without stripping away skin’s natural moisture. It has refreshing scent without irritating skin
Easy to use.
I like using this amazing cleanser as the fine lather removes makeup residue, leaving skin squeaky clean. The product contains cleansing agents for the gentle removal of makeup.
Easy to use
I first time using gel type cleanser, I like its texture, the light and gentle texture keeps my skin's natural moisture, my skin is soft and smooth all the time. It is worth to pay for it.
Skin and Axis Y
Tried this after my skin breakouts due to wearing mask. It reduces blemishes,and helps to restore my skin almost 100% back the original condition before breakout. Now still continuing using this product. In fact im using complete set if axis y.
highly rekomend
pencuci yang kurang berbuih tetapi tidak menyebabkan kulit tegang atau sensitif.bukan sahaja menghilangkan minyak,debu,kotor dan melembabkan kulit wajah.memang highly rekomen sangat dekat semua yang nak kulit plump lawa
Helps to gently cleanse and balance my skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It's also great for sensitive skin, as it's free from harsh chemicals and fragrance. The gel formula is lightweight and easy to apply, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I've also noticed a visible improvement in the overall texture and clarity of my skin since using this cleanser.
Wajah jadi segar
Saya amat suka dengan pencuci wajah ini dia membuat kulit saya merasa segar sepanjang hari setelah dua minggu mengunakan pencuci wajah ini. Ia amat serasi dengan kulit wajah saya
Holy grail facial wash
I started using this brand 2 years ago. That time i’m having very bad breakout. Pimples all over my face and just found out about Axis. Tried it and it healed my pimples. Took 8 months to fully recover but it’s my holy grail. It don’t make my skin dry even tho i have an oily skin. The texture is clear and little bit sticky but by one pump only it can cover my whole face. The best part is the smell of it. Very mild scent that means low fragrance that they use and it safe to our skin.
The best
Tekstur gel nya yg buat saya fall in love, kulit lebih segar
The best
Produk yg sangat best dan mmberi kesegaran di wajah saya
Pencuci muka
Sangat sesuai untuk dibawa semasa travel. Harga yang berpatutan dan tidak memounyai bahan yang membahayakan
My holy grail product
Tekstur gel nya yg buat saya fall in love, kulit lebih segar dan mmberi oksigen yg fresh utk kulit saya bila lepas cuci muka saya lebih2 lagi malam hari sblom tidur. serasi dgn kulit saya.


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