Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut

4.5 5 0 35 35 享受您最喜欢的奶油巧克力、蒲公英和椰子芳香的独特组合。非常适合与他人分享或放松时自己食用。
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut


New taste
With its Pandan coconut creamy cream chocolate, There are produced and selected according to particularly strict quality specifications for the perfect chocolatey taste. it quite match the taste.
Authentic taste
It taste good with Pandan essence and also with coconut flakes in between of the chocolate. It gives extra flavour and good texture for this chocolate. Recommend to try this one. Eat while cold ya!!
Pandan flavor never fail
Yes. Pandan flavour never fail to attract people from trying. It never fail to make people feel. In love with them. In cakes, ice creams, desserts and drinks. Now, it's in a cadbury chocolate. Why not? A must try for me and I just love it!
Bring back memories
This chocolate reminds me with chocolate that I used to eat when I was little, it brings back memories. The coconut taste very nice and the combination are delicious
Tasted good
I love pandan really match with the chocolate...the aroma makes me enjoyed this chocolate
Its a wow. I like the pandan in the chocolate. Totally new for me and delicious
something different than the usual Cadbury . I have mixed opinion about this, may be as I am too fond of the usuals. But ..not bad. i might buy this again next time. The coconut in the chocolate taste good. pandan flavor is a bit subtle. all in all..nice
Rasa yang unik
Idea yg menarik dan gabungan rasa coklat amat mengkagumkan. Rasa coklat jugak amat unik dan klasik. Tahniah cadbury kerana berjaya produce coklat ni. Moga terus maju jaya
Sedap n berbaloi
Satu kelainan yg xde dekat jenama lain...sdp harga pom penggemar coklat tanpa kekacang..n bg sy ni second choice slps dairy milk... Very high recommended
Taste so good!
I love everything with pandan taste. When cadbury came out with a new flavour which is pandan i think i should give a try. Well im not wrong. It taste so good!
Unique combination taste
Cadbury's Pandan Coconut is a new product, it contains pandan and coconut which delivers a clean, sensuous mouth feel and delightfully intense coconut chocolate experience. I quite like it
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut
Cadbury Dairy Milk Pandan Coconut sangat sedap, perisa Asia kena dengan cita rasa Malaysia. Sekali makan pasti nak lagi. Saya shorkan pada kawan untuk membeli coklat ini.
Cadbury lover
I like trying new and different type of food, this Cadbury's Pandan coconut flavor is special and unique, the pandan taste is quite match the milky chocolate, It is not weird at all.
Pandan Coconut
Rasa yang berbeza dari coklat sebelumnya. Rasa sangat Malaysia dan sesuai untuk rakyat Malaysia
New taste
I am not so like Cadbury's dairy milk with pandan coconut, the taste is a bit weird, the chocolate taste is covered by the heavy and strong pandan and coconut taste, I will not buy again.


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