Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheeks

4.8 5 0 6 6 这款多功能的Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheeks可以在您的脸颊和嘴唇上营造出迷人的玫瑰色光泽。 持久的色彩配方令其惊艳,并随着时间的流逝逐渐观察其颜色。
Canmake Juicy Lady Liquid Cheeks


Love it
Cute packaging, bought it for my daughter & she like it. The colour are just nice & can apply on your cheek. Also easy to wipe off.
Japanese style liquid lipstick
Canmake products is more prone to japanese style (as its nake in japan too), so for those who love vibrant colour will definitely love their products, i have this as a gift, the products can be use at cheeks and as a lipsticks as well. The colour looks a bit too young for me, so for those who have fairer skin and younger appearance it will suite you. It can create a cute dolly appearance.
I am always a fan of Canmake, especially their 2-in-1 lip and cheek cream. By needing to carry only one item, I can apply it on both my lip or cheek and give me the facial colour that I want.
Juicy Liquid Cheeks by Canmake
The texture very light and make an application look natural. make your cheeks look plumed and kawaiii


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