Innisfree Bija Cica Balm EX

4.6 5 0 12 12 Innisfree Bija Cica Balm EX能增强皮肤的保湿层,它由香榧坚果精油和积雪草提取物配制而成,保湿的同时还能让皮肤更柔软。多亏了这种凝胶膏,当您遇上有关皮肤的问题时,您可以将这烦恼置之脑后!
Innisfree Bija Cica Balm EX


one of the best acne spot!
i used this when im in breakout phase and this bija balm does help to reduce my acne on my face. some types of acne / pimples, doesnt give you one day effect but it soothes your acne and pimples before they popped! it doesnt make you feel any pain with acne.
Product yang sangat bagus
Prodcut ini sangat lembut pada kulit dan sangat lembab tetapi tidak melekit dan sangat selesa apabila menggunakannya. Berbaloi baloi
best spot acne cream ever
The best acne cream in the world so far . A great texture with no any unpleasant smell and very eco-friendly. I tried to put on my active pimple at night and zupps , tomorrow bye-bye your reddish pimples. It slowly tone down your pimple and really work it !Im impressed about it.You guys should try it too. I wear it consistently around 2 weeks and acne spot and active pimple go away. Really impressed me and surprisingly all acne spot cream can dried your skin but this BIJA CICA BAM EX does not dry my skin at all. Kuddos Innisfree !! You guys should buy this at nearest Innisfree outlet. Go and check it out darlings ❤❤ ! #SkinCareSOS #BijaCicaBalm #innisfreemy
good product quality
love the innisfree product so much...i had tried most of the innisfree product..the produvt is water based so its not sticky...i love it so much
Hydrating and reduce redness
It is hydrating and moisturizing when use it on my face. I can feel the difference after using this. It can reduce the redness and soothe my acne. I would recommend this to you all as this is quite effective on my skin ~
Clears up your troubles
I've been an innisfree user for a while now and i love this product because it clears up my persisting acne problem instantly. I've tried so many products but this is the one that won't let you down. Love it!
Super best
I like this one so much. Tak sia sia labur kan utk skin
Best products . Very valuable. Suitable to use for all skin types
good for acne skin
I have acne skin, and this is suitable for my skin as I can see I'm having lesser breakout, love the texture and the result of it on my skin. had already recommend it to my friends.
Good for pimples
I use this product sparingly to the spot mark whenever my skin feels something to be rescued. But i dont recomended to put the balm all over the face as it will make our face oily
This is a gamechanger in my skincare. This has really helped with smoothing out my skin and keeping it moisturized. I use this after my serum and before moisturizer. This has also helped reduce redness, especially around areas where I am prone to having acne breakouts. I've gone through like 3 tubes of this and always have one on backup!
Clear my pimple mark
I love this product so much because it clear my pimple mark away within 3days only.bija cica good for someone who has pimple either scar or normal


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