Lay's Truffle Chips

4.2 5 0 10 10 这薯片有一种独特且丰富的大地风味。打开包装时,松露的味道会在空气中萦绕。Lay’s Truffle将让您的零食档次提升一个层次!
Lay's Truffle Chips


Luxury taste
I have tried Lay's Truffle chips, it is so luxurious, the rich truffle taste combine with the pure potato chips. it is perfectly match and luxurious, the price point is reasonable.
Acceptable if you’re not picky
Bought a pack to try out when I was craving for truffle chips recently. The truffle taste and fragrance are quite artificial, but not unpleasant. If you’re looking for more authentic truffle chips suggest to pay the extra bucks for the other brand. Otherwise, it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.
not really like the taste
Not really like the taste as it tastes a bit weird.
taste good!
LAY'S potato chips deliver a pure and original potato taste, the truffle flavor is enhance the taste and it taste luxurious and yummy. the price point is affordable, I highly recommend.
Love this!!!!
taste so good, worth to buy it again and introduce to someone who love chips too.
Rasa lemak dan sedap
Kepingan kentang yang agak nipis dan ringan. Rasa lemak dan masin yang sederhana. Ralit kunyah, tahu-tahu dah habis
Worth buying
Interesting flavour, thinly crisp and less salty
Tasty yet Not Salty
As usual, it’s thin and crispy with real potatoes taste and truffle flavour in it. This is not salty at all


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