L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask: Hydrating

4.3 5 0 35 35 L'Oréal Pure Clay Mask补水面膜在10分钟内让您的肌肤洁净舒爽。让紧张不适的肌肤感觉纯净滋润又清爽,不会出现任何紧绷感。
L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask: Hydrating


best mask ever
i have bought all variation of this mask and i love the texture and my skin become more soft and clean when used this mask
Awesome product
The price is really reasonable. My face grew fairer just after a single use. Suitable for unisex; i applied to my husband as well. His pore gradually grow smaller and his skin is better looking now.
This clay mask has soft texture and effectively remove dead skin effectively. For sensitive skin, I would recommend to use once per week only as this is kinda strong. I give this 4 stars because the only cons to this product is that you need to apply this quickly as the clay dry kinda fast once touch your skin.
product review
I love the texture it makes my skin soft. my skin feel more better after use it
Clay Mask
Penggunaan seminggu 3 kali sedikit sebanyak dapat melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit. Tips selepas 10 min adalah basuh menggunakan air suam untuk kulit lebih bersih.
Buat kulit lebih smooth..Sangat selesa..tak melekit
Buat kulit lebih smooth..sgt selesadan bila pakai tak melekit
The great product And Good quality
Must try this product , you will like it . Good for repair your skin
Bagus Untuk Oily Skin
Saya telah mencuba produk ini dengan membeli di Shoppe. Bagus untuk kulit berminyak seperti saya. Selepas mengunakan, kulit terasa bersih dan lembab. Tidak mengeringkan tekstur kulit. Dan kulit muka juga kurang berminyak sepanjang hari.
No noticable changes
I’ve bought all 4 variants of these clay mask (hydration/illumination/detox/anti-pores). I’ve been using it faithfully for 1 year. So far only detox and hydration that i can recommend to buy. Anti-pores didn’t have any effect on my face. I Have visible pores and it didn’t help making it invisible. Illuminating one, well i dont see any effect of it. Hydration and detox really do soo much for my skin. But detox can be a little bit drying. Usually i wear it both at the same time. Already bought the 3rd bottle 😆
Lil bit dry
I love this kind of product but after i try used it the clay make my face dry a lil bit. I hope the product make it more moist after use.
Quite good
I got myself 4 different types of Loreal clay masks from Shopee, Illuminating/Hydrating/Anti pores/Deep cleansing I love charcoal mask the most, it does the works well with cleansing up my face! Hydrating mask is in creamy texture, so far so good...
Loreal hydration clay mask
This is probably one of my favourite mask.eventhough it is clay mask,it didn't make my skin dry.my pores are less visible too
Loreal clay mask
Loreal clay mask very superb on my skin ..i love it so muchhhhh
Sangat sesuai untuk kulit berminyak, Kecilkan pori dan paling penting,dapat mengurangkan minyak di wajah saya
i love it!
I used it on my T zone as my T zone is more oily and having more pores. Its gentle so I can use it twice or three times a week. i can feel the charcoal clay mixture work it's magic as it dries on your skin without the uncomfortable burning sensation. i feel so refreshed and clean after a bad day.


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