Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Blush Contour 塑型笔

4.5 5 0 77 77 <p>Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Blush Contour塑型笔让你塑造更小的V脸!</p> <ul><li>塑型、气色与提亮全合一!</li> <li>瞬间塑造完美V脸</li> <li>让容貌绽放玫瑰气息</li></ul>
Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Blush Contour 塑型笔


Ive been using this not only as a blush but also as a eyeshadow. it does create a natural everyday look. its best for a subtle on the go look pallete. Very recommended
daily wear stuff!
ive been using this not only as a blush but also as a eyeshadow. it does create a natural everyday look. its best for a subtle on the go look pallete.
MUA on the go :)
very pigmented and you may choose from the selection that they have. it is like a contour and blush to go in a pack.
nice colour combination
i love the combination of the color and how it blends with my skin.
Mudah dibawa
Saya suka pakai v-face sebab saya mudah nak bawa kemana sahaja saya cuma simpan di dalam handbeg saya dan warnanya sangat pigmanted mudah saya untuk blend di wajah
ok la
The colours are not that pigmented but this is suitable for natural make up look.
If you are a makeup lover, you wont be using the brush provided since it is hard, and you'd also already be having so many better brushes for your application anyways. The triangular design makes it super hard for me to pickup contour powder using fan brush. I have to squeeze the bristles (and risk damaging my brush!) carefully so as not to accidentally pickup the blusher when i intended to use the contour. The formula also doesnt have long staying power despite priming and fixing. For emergency and beginners, yes you can use this. For makeup lovers, skip, skip, skip!!
blush and contour ni sangat best kerana dapat menjimatkan masa dan ruang kepada saya. dengan bentuknya yang kompak mudah dibawa seharian dan warnanya juga sangat pigmented
my face definitely look smaller with Maybelline Face Studio V-Face Blush Contour. worth a try!
i have tried and loves it so much because it makes me looks prettier when i applied it during the dinner functions....
Wah........I like this product......... So nice!i hope I try this product and going out for my friends see how pretty I'm !
I also like how the whole contour-highlight game lifted my face. My only tip? The actual powder area for each color is teeny-tiny, so I had to use my smaller, travel-sized blush + contour brushes to carefully get the color I wanted. You can still use the small brush in the palette, but I like to use my own for more control and precision.
Membentuk sudut wajah , memerahkan pipi & menyerlahkan bentuk wajah, semuanya dalam 1! Dapatkan wajah berbentuk V sempurna dengan serta-merta Serlahkan keanggunan wajah anda dengan tona merah jambu berseri ini
Saya adalah peminat setia maybelline, produk maybelline sangat memuaskan hati saya selama ini, dan sy ingin mencuba produk maybelline face studio v face blush contour untuk menyerlahkan lagi keterampilan dan kecantikan wajah saya.
The colour blended just nicely, looks naturally On the face. Easy and smooth during application


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