Mister Potato X Daebak Ghost Pepper Crisps

4 5 0 31 31 您敢不敢尝尝这款火辣的薯片?每一片薯片中都有一块黑色,这与它的名字是不是特别一致。如果您成功地将它吃完了,记得将您的名字写在罐子的顶部。它将是您挑战成功的一个成就证书!
Mister Potato X Daebak Ghost Pepper Crisps


Pedas gilers
Pedas tp sedap sangat. Saya sukakanya . Sentiasa menjadi stok dirumah
Spicy n make u crazy
Crunchiness level is so osem... De spicy mmg padu but manageable.. taste so gud sangat... Can wait u up lah kiranya dgn cabaran oedas tu...Owez bought this at 7e. Might be can make it in bigger package.. ahahahhaha... Coz we r super duper love it!
Special chip
For me it is not so spicy like the ghost pepper noodles.
Kepedasan yang sangat tinggi.tp boleh dimakan.sedap.kalau boleh kurangkan masin di dalam produk ini
Small but packs a punch!
Tried this few times as i love spicy food. It is very spicy, but also very satisfying in a way. Cannot stop eating 😂 On another note, since it's very spicy i could not finish the whole can in one go. Which is good for my diet. Spicy food lovers, seriously you have got to try this!
Delicious and it super hot. I like it. Probably buy again later
Pedas giler
Mula-mula makan tak terasa sangat pedasnya. Tapi bila dah habis kunyah, barulah terasa pedas menyengat dalam mulut. Tapi sedap!!
Too much hype.
Honestly for me it suck. People put too much hype for this product. It not even good for your stomach and intestines. Company shoud re-evaluate their decision about continue this product. I wouldn't not recommend this product.
Spicy enough!!
It tastes like you eat chillies with chips nyums!! Worth money and worth taste buds! But I ensure you, your stomach at night will trigger you haha
Lain dari yg lain..
Sgt sedap sya dgt sukakn nya..rasa pedas2 yg ragup, dan di makan bersama family dan kawan2..sentiasa di bawa bersama tidak kira masa di mana pun mesti kne ada..kalau tidak ada macam xlengkap je..
Too hot
This ghost pepper snacks is super hot, I can only eat 2 pieces each time, it is nice but not suit me, its hot pepper taste is too much, where it covers the taste of potato chips.
Rasanya agak sedap tapi sangat pedas bagi saya. Saya hanya mampu makan 5 keping sahaja. Produk ini sesuai untuk orang yang sukakan kepedasan dan ingin mencabar diri makan makanan pedas
Rasa pedas yg cukup dan sedap. Kalau makan dengan nasi or bubur memang layan . Totally recommend bg yg suka mkn pedas
Worth trying
Tasted quite good at first, quite spicy and yummy, but felt bored with the flavour after eating about half a can. Do not think will repurchase this flavour. Will still stick to Pringles Sweet Potato flavour
Good to try
I tried to taste it. what i can say, it hot after end of eating it. need to eat something sweat after.


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