Neogence N2 Deep Cleansing Pack

5 5 0 6 6 Neogence N2 Deep Cleansing Pack能让您的肌肤焕然一新。这款深层洁净面膜具备柔和质地,有助于调节皮肤油脂分泌,渗入毛孔深处,清除污垢。
Neogence N2 Deep Cleansing Pack


i like
Neogence is one of the most amazing products that I have ever tried! I have always struggled with my confidence but Neogence has not only improved my skin, but also improved my self confidence. My skin is flawless and insanely soft. I highly recommend Neogence to anyone who needs that boost in their self esteem!
Highly recommended for someone yg breakout,masalah whitehead,blackhead,pori tersumbat..sangat membantu dalam proses untuk kulit muka menjafi lebih sihat & segar. Membuatkan kulit saya lebih bersinar dan berseri lepas menggunakannya
Segar...bersih..kulit terasa lembut.... Memang terbaik quality nya
Freaking love
I am in love with this product. It really moist my skin. This is my beloved one. I will keep this in my freaking makeup bag. I need this. It is travel friendly and i have to have rhis during ma vacay. Omg. Please. I have this for 4 bottles. If i love a certain product, i will have it for than two as a stock for me, in the duture. Thank you so much for producing this product. 🌹🌹
Deep fresh
Sangat menyegarkan kulit wajah n bersih secara mendalam
When you use this mask, you will notice a dark grey color clay when you apply on your skin at first. As it dries out, the mask transforms into a lighter color, which means you can then wash it off. I think this mask can be comparable to Origins' charcoal mask but for the fraction of its price. I normally use this mask in the weekend following by a moisturizer mask.


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