NESTLE FITNESSE Quinoa Almonds & Chocolate Granola Oats

4.8 5 0 16 16 现推出全新的Nestlé Fitnesse® Granola Oats with Quinoa, Almonds & Chocolate! 我们最新的麦片含有松脆的全谷物燕麦粒、黑巧克力片和杏仁,为您的早晨提供充足的营养能量。
NESTLE FITNESSE Quinoa Almonds & Chocolate Granola Oats


Balanced nutritional food
it is a balanced nutritional food that keep our body healthy and fit. The oat provide energy and its calories is low, the nuts provides good oil to our body, the taste is good.
Seriously..!!!😱 sy dh try makan nestle ni, sgt sedap. And kalau nak on diet, makanan ni sgt2 membantu. Sebab ianya akan membantu perut kita kenyang dan bertahan shingga waktu makan tengahari. Recommended utk sesiapa yg nak on diet
so good
This is goooodd i really like this.easy to breakfast.
Happy tummy
Easy to go breakfast.It gives me energy to start my crunchy and hasstle,save time and quick.some improvement like smaller packets would be nice.definitely would recommend to others.
Breakfast A Must
I like how it contains all my favourite ingredients and has NO raisins, which I dislike the most. I could easily mix this with yogurt or just have it with milk. Could also have this as a midday mid afternoon snack.
So delicious
Very fulfilling, good for those who wants to satisfy your craving and want to be healthy at the same time.
Good for losing weight
Ideal quick breakfast that is part of a weight loss plan, full of essential nutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals and low in fat, thus providing the right energy ☺️☺️☺️
Healthy food
It is a healthy food because it has many nuts and organic too
feel great
i always take it before had lunch,sometime i take little bit late lunch makes my tummy sick. But after i take this as my side cereal/food,its woooowww. It can fill my empty tummy,and help my body recharge.
Its tasty and very healthy as well. Definitely a must buy for everyhome!
I've always wanna try this but it's hard for me since i can't go out with the pandemic but i would really like to try if i get a chance!
Want to try it as a food for dieting. And I would to share the product with other in my family
I prefer to test NESTLE FITNESSE Quinoa Almonds & Chocolate Granola Oats because it's good taste and provide us the important nutritious for breakfast.
Never try before, was wonder how it taste like, maybe will try it if happen to see it in glosary store.
Me and my family would love to test this product as we are used to eating healthy cearials every morning of the day. So much interested


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