Nestle MILO Dairy Free Almond PET

4 5 0 9 9 即刻认识这款低脂肪的杏仁咖啡饮料,它使用完美烘烤的罗布斯塔和阿拉比卡咖啡豆制成。
Nestle MILO Dairy Free Almond PET


Not so coffee
If you are regular to coffee, this is not for you. Not enough coffee kick. Taste more to almond milk with very mild coffee flavor.
Milky but less coffee
If you are an extreme coffee lover and you always order Americano / Long black, just stick to your regular. I can barely taste the coffee. It's not too sweet. Just nice for me.
Coffee with almond milk
This is great product for people who are lactose intolerant. But for me the coffee is pretty weak. Will appreciate if it has a stronger coffee taste
Can be improvised
The coffee taste isn't enough, would've been really a hit if it had quite strong coffee smell and taste. As a vegan, it's good to see products as such in Malaysia.
Good Product
Good product for people with lactose intolerence. Need to have more punch in term of coffee taste
Plain. Not my taste of latte
If you love sweets, this is not suitable for you. The taste quite plain due to the almond milk. But this is good for people who loves healthy drink. can drink it but not my cup of coffee
good product
have tried few times. like the taste. eventhough its almond milk but the taste of latte still good. its a good option to have other than normal milk
Good on the go
Less sweet for the health conscious. Bit thick texture.
good product
try it and very delicious. so creamy and easy to get from shop.


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