NIVEA Face Care Glow Rice Scrub Organic Raspberry

4.5 5 0 12 12 这款磨砂膏帮助您的皮肤进行自然更新。粳米种子被碾碎、过筛,并与覆盆子汁混合。它能温和地去除肌肤的角质,同时有效地去除死皮细胞,同时不刺激您的皮肤。
NIVEA Face Care Glow Rice Scrub Organic Raspberry


Good to use
Nivea Glow rice scrub is easy and convenience to use, It contains an essential ingredients to plump up and hydrate the skin with benefits on skin renewal. the price is very good.
My best exfoliator
I have been trying this product for a months now, and it doesn't dried up my skin like other scrub i'd tried before. Love the scent too.
Niviea skincare with clinically-proven formulations which help to instantly boost skin's moisture to keep it hydrated and rejuvenated. it helps to achieve the healthy looking skin.
Gentle scrub
I like to use this Nivea RIce scrub as it is gentle on skin and comfortable and easy to use. it brightens and evens my skin tone without irritating or weakening the skin barrier.
Good Exfoliator
Helps to clean the dirt, exfoliates skin and leaves face fresh. I use it before applying makeup for fresh, clean & healthy look on skin.
Glow Rice Scrub Nivea
I can only use this product twice in a week and not daily as it dries my skin when used daily. May be it is because my skin texture is dry.
Mild scrubbing
The scrub smelled just like rice and raspberry together which I really loved. I use around 2 pea size amounts for every scrub routine which was sufficient to cleanse all the nitty gritty from my skin. Though my skin felt cleansed well, it was slightly drying, especially around my nose area. I actually tried it several times adjusting to using smaller amounts but it was still slightly drying to my skin. I’m guessing it’s due to benzyl alcohol and parfum contents, but it did not cause any irritation.
This product is gentle to skin, suitable for my combination and sensitive skin. The scent is faint and gentle to. Overall I am satisfied. I think it is good for environment as there shouldn't be any plastic based microbes in it.
Suitable for daily use!
My type of skin is combination. The texture of the scrub is soft and suitable for daily use. Its feel fresh & clean after used it. I selalu pakai malam after balik kerja, scrub face & terus pakai your daily cleanser. Scars faded & glow! Recommended! 😘
Awesome Product
I have been used this product. The result is so superb and i really suggest you guys buy this and try for yourself!
Soft, Suitable on dry skin
As I have combination skin which sometime can be dry and sensitive, the texture is soft and not harsh on my skin. The smell is faint which I am prefer the smell not too strong. Used this once every two or three days. Overall, i love it and might repurchase again


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