4.6 5 0 498 498 QV Cream 由5种高浓缩的保湿成分配制而成, 有助于舒缓敏感肌肤和帮助干燥的肌肤补充水分。 更好的是, 它非常适用于手肘,膝盖和手等干燥部位。 <br> <p>产品特点 <br> • 持久保湿 <br> • 已证实能保湿长达24小时 <br> • 不含香料和其他常见的刺激物 <br> • 皮肤专科医生推荐 <br> • 澳州第一医学护肤品牌 <br>
QV Cream
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Sticky,non absorbent,can be cold cream
The texture is too thick to be applied to whole hand but is good for only ezcema spots.
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Saya sangat menyukai
Saya syorkan anda untuk guna qv cream. Cream yg sesuai utk pelbagai jenis kulit.tidak melekit & mudah serap pada kulit.qv cream terbaik. #htcmyxQVCream, #QVCream, #QVskincaremy, dan #hometesterclubmy
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Tahan lama, selesa,lembut
Saya suka menggunakan produk qvcream kerana tahan lasak,lembut,tahan lama dan cepat meresap ke kulit..
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Moisture ~ non sticky ~ good product~~
Moisture ~~ non sticky. Very good product ~ can try for those havent use this b4
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Good product for try
QV cream is a good product for try and value most important thing is is not sticky or oily after applye
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The best product
Thanks for give me a trial, the best product i use. Very recommend
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Absorb quick, best moisturizer and sooth
Qv Cream merupakan moisturizer terbaik yang pernah saya cuba. Tanpa bau yang menyengat, sangat melembabkan kulit saya terutama di kawasan siku dan buku lali. Sangat bagus lagi digunakan selepas mandi. Lagi efektif. Texture yang berkrim memungkinkan cream ini lock moisture di kulit saya dengan lebih bagus. Sangat rekemen pada mereka yg mempunyai kulit sensitif dan kering
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very good
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non sticky, quick absorb, hydrate
First, the sample I received has 100g which is a big tube. Second, It is fragrance-free, so it is good for sensitive skin. Thirdly, it is consider thick moisturizing cream but can quickly absorb. Lastly, its hydration can last for a very long time. I would certainly recommend this for those who need a skin cream that is free from perfume.
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sangat lembut tidak meleket
sangat lembut,senang apply , tidak meleket, selesa selepas menggunakan nya..dari segi bau,kurang menyenangkan mungkin boleh tambah pewangi untuk bau yang menyegarkan.
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will buy again
QV cream let me feel comfort ,nt so oily,no longer dries skin,price reasonable,will buy next time!!
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tidak melekit..cepat menyerap & selesa
qv cream sangat bagus bagi mereka yg mempunyai masalah kulit kering.setelah sy menggunakan qv cream..kulit sy terasa lebih lembap..qv cream jugak tidak melekit dan cepat menyerap.sgt bagus.
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Cepat keringTidak melekitCepat meresap
Selepas saya cuba cream QV ni..saya dapat rasakan...krim ni sgt2 cepat meresap dan tidak melekit...ianya sgt2 cept mengeringkan luka2 ditangan yg masih baru...tp mgkin tangan saya lmbt melembab...masih perlu gunakan pelembab lain yg sgt2 melembab..gatal2 cepat hilang kalo tiba2 alergic datang....sgt2 bagus utk dicuba #htcmyxQVCream, #QVCream, #QVskincaremy, #hometesterclubmy.
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I will improve my friend to use qv cream because use qv cream can feel all day very comfortable ,smooth,happy #htcmyxQVCream, #QVCream, #QVskincaremy,#hometesterclubmy
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Light non-greasy replenisher
Love this marvelous #QVCream . Compared to other reviewers, I would say I have relatively average skin. I do not suffer from eczema or have allergies which would lead to adverse reactions. After i received the sample from #hometesterclubmy , I use QV cream as a body moisturizer on a daily basis after night shower. I find my skin takes it in well and it is highly moisturizing. I also use it as a hand cream from time to time and it is non-greasy/ fast absorbing, leaving my skin silky smooth. It is a simple moisturizer with minimal scent and no colourant. This 100g tub will last you for a long time. I previously used Nivea body lotion and whilst it was highly absorbent, I found it did not moisturize my skin sufficiently enough and the moisturizing effect not long lasting. QV cream is thicker in texture. It leaves a protective barrier on my skin for the whole night sleep. I used it on my 2 years old son too and he has no adverse reactions from it. #htcmyxQVCream #QVskincaremy
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