Shangpree Sparkling Mask

4.4 5 0 5 5 这款晶莹透亮面膜为创新与实用结合重新定义。此水洗型泡泡面膜具备清洁和焕发活力的功效,使用方便简单,一个步骤搞定,让您每天都想再敷一次。
Shangpree Sparkling Mask


Good Mask
This mask help to nourish and hydrate the skin.This luxurious masks with the soft and premium sheet allows skin to maximise absorption for exceptional results. I use it once a week.
Deep Cleaning
This mask does a great job at cleaning out pores. Works just as well as a clay mask but more enjoyable in my opinion because there is no pulling on the skin like you would get with a clay mask. My only complaint is that, like a clay mask, the results never last on me. I have large pores, so after the mask, my pores are clear for about one day and then they go back to normal.
The best products
this product is the best that i had ever use. My skin feel smoother than before. I always wear it every day to make sure my skin is healthy.
Shangpree Sparkling Mask
selepas memakainya, kulit wajah jadi lebih lembut dan sangat selesa.. kulit berminyak dan bintik hitam berkurangan.. sangat suka produk ini... pasti akan mengesyorkan pada yang lain..
love it
I love this sheet mask. It feels amazing and like my skin is truly getting a great cleanse. This is a must after a long international flight. My skin always looks great after using it!


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